NO-Philly trade idea

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NO-Philly trade idea

I've read recently that the Pelicans are shopping Gordon and that Thad Young has requested a trade from Philly. Could you see the two teams working with each other? Gordon alongside MCW, and provides shooting which Philly lacks. Young can man the 3 position in NO. Philly can even throw in Hawes, guaranteeing an even worst Sixers team and better Pelicans squad. Remember Pelicans pick must fall outside of the top 5 for Philly to get it. Only concern would be Gordon's willingness to go to a team that's rebuilding.

Or if they believe in Austin Rivers potential, give them Young for Rivers, salary cap filter, and remove the protection from their 2014 pick.

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i doubt philly would want

i doubt philly would want gordon's contract or the fact he's injury prone.philly's back court is already getting deep with talent.maybe a trade for austin rivers wouldn't be bad becasue he's still on a rookie contract.

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Please no Austin Rivers in

Please no Austin Rivers in you said they need a shooter next to MCW and Rivers isn't that. He is another player that needs the ball to be effective which they arleady have 3 of in Turner, MCW and Wroten. They need to spread the floor so adding another slashing guard makes no sense...unless you really like his potential but I haven't seen anything from Rivers that impressed me in a year and a half in the NBA.

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Why would Philly feel the need to do anything with a guy with 2 years left on his deal because he wants to be traded ? So does every other guy who plays on a bad team. Why even have contracts - just go pay guys per game and they can leave when they want. When you make deals it needs to be out of leverage - not because some player is crying the blues - see Houston. Else teams just step up with junk

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