No backcourt violations and extended 3pt line

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No backcourt violations and extended 3pt line

What do you think would be some of the consequences of completely eliminating backcourt violations, where teams have the full court to operate "half court offense" and not have to worry about crossing half court within 8 secs to avoid violations.

In addition to this, the NBA would have a minimal extension of three point line

What would happen? To bigs bominate with more space? Do slashing guards benefit? Do shooters benefit?

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I would rather see a 4 point

I would rather see a 4 point line introduced then pushing back the three point line. You can't really push back the whole three point line or you'll push right out of bounds.

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Not so sure it would have

Not so sure it would have much impact at all. I can't imagining it spreading the floor, or giving more big guys space. Guarding someone at half court would be pointless, it would actually allow for the defense to "hone" in on anyone not behind the half court line.

The game is great. It's the greatest game in the world. There is no need for a 4 pointer or any other NBA jam type rules people want to introduce. The game is fair. It's a damn near perfect game. Let's not mess with it.

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No backcourt

One of the worst ideas I have ever read on this site is to have no backcourt. Brings many bad things, and zero good. You can just extend the 3 pt line without doing that, and the 3 pt line will probably get moved some point in the next 10 years.

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Id rather extend the width of

Id rather extend the width of the court and make the 3pt distance the same from every angle.

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You can keep the 3 point line

You can keep the 3 point line where it is but make a 4 point line arc. I would make it about 35 feet. I think it would help open up the court a bit.

And, if you initiate offense further out, you can really space the floor better.

I might try it at the D League level first. Or at the NBA All Star Games to test it out.

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I think everythings fine how

I think everythings fine how it is. If anything the courts just need to be a little bit wider because there isnt much room before you go out of bounds if youre standing in the corner for a 3.

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