Nikola Pekovic

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Nikola Pekovic

Has anyone really seen this guy play? It sounded like there was a good chance that he would end up the starter over Darko by the time the season was over. With Darko playing so terrible this Nikola could get a chance at some more minutes here in the near term if he can get his fouls under control. Just wanted to see what people thought about him. It sounds like he's a huge presence in the middle and he could be pretty good in the future. What kind of numbers could he put up in the future?

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I like his line from last night. Obviously the fouls have to come under control but from what I have read, he is very much a bruiser out there. I'm looking forward to seeing this guy play his first year in the NBA and see how he adjusts.

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Im looking forward to some

Im looking forward to some pek n roll with Jonny Flynn once he returns. Pekovic is a very capable player in the league, but damn those fouls are a killer for him. He is a very physical player but he needs to tone it down a bit if he wants to get past halftime.

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