Nike Hyperdunk 2010

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Nike Hyperdunk 2010

This shoe is garbage! My team bought this shoe at the beginnning of November and the sole on almost everybody's shoe completely peeled off the week before Christmas! It was ridiculous. Now i have spent over $200 on just basketball shoes this year. Not the Nike quality i know and love. Now i have the Hyperfuse and it might be the best shoe i have ever had! Very comfortably, durable, great traction and looks tight! But i would avoid the Hyperdunks...they are the definition of garbage.

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Thank you for telling us.

Thank you for telling us.

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I love my ZigTech Slash, very

I love my ZigTech Slash, very comfrotable and very light

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I remember when Iverson's

I remember when Iverson's shoe had came out......His very first shoe The Question. Almost everyone had to send them back to the company including me, because the front of the shoe would peel off & I did not even ball in them. Couple years later after getting the complaints Reebok came back out with they shoe, but put a stitch over the front of the tip so they would not peel.

There are a lot of shoes that you would think are very durable shoes by looking at them, but you will never know that they are not until you put them to the test.

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you must have gotten some

you must have gotten some defective ones... ive had mine since early november and i play 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours each day and mine are perfectly fine.

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my sole is okay, but the toe

my sole is okay, but the toe box is still really stiff and ive balled in them a lot. Any ideas to get it broken in???

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yea i think you got defective

yea i think you got defective ones. I had mine since like september, october if i remember correctly and they are still perfectly fine. The color and the sole have faded a bit but still perfectly useable. And I play like 5 hours every other day o but i only play indoors so maybe its that

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