Nick Young

Why has'nt nick young been a key piece yet for the wizards i think this guy has some game in him thoughts?

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He has been selfish and

He has been selfish and unaware so far in his nba career.

It doens't matter if you have game if you play like Ricky Davis, but pass less...

Hopefully Wall can help him change, but we shall see.

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great year overall for Nick,

great year overall for Nick, hopefully next year is another step forward in regard to passing/rebounding and staying healthy

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Jordan Crawford took the rest of the season by storm.

He was having a great year and making this year his break out year, until he got injured. Then Jordan Crawford just took the rest of the season by storm. Crawford did so well that when Young did come back like 10 games later, Younge came off the bench and was ineffective. He got injured again and is now out for the rest of the season. Now that Jordan Crawford has solidified the starting 2 guard spot, Young will most likely be coming off the bench again next season, so it might be a good idea for the Wizards to trade him. The Bulls could use him especially since they may miss out on drafting a 2 guard this season which is a need for them. A change of scenery is all Young needs. He looked good playing next to John Wall, but then disappeared once Crawford took over his starting spot, so he should look good next to another great PG like Derrick Rose.

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