Nick Nurse

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Nick Nurse

What on earth was he thinking calling that timeout with 3 minutes to go when Kawhi was cooking?! He had just put up 10 in a row on 4 dagger contested jumpers and was ready to deliver a KO punch with another iso possession at the top of the key and Toronto up 6. He instructs Lowry to call a timeout...This let's the Warriors adjust and regroup (they only had 1 remaining timeout) they then respond by going on a 9-2 run and take the lead. Then on the final possession Kawhi has the ball near the right wing and they send the double which forces him to pick up his dribble and swing the ball left. Why not call your remaining timeout here and draw something up to get a clean look for your guy who carried you there rather than end the game on a scrambled play and tough contested corner 3.

I understand hindsight is 20/20, but I knew that first timeout was bad timing in the moment.

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I have to agree, with the two

I have to agree, with the two points you made. Iggy's timing on that double team was superb, if he didn't come that exact moment you have to think Kawhi would sink that pull up J to take the lead.

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Raps were a minute or so from

Raps were a minute or so from a title. Put that in the memory bank. Could still be the case 50 years from now.

Most likely, Toronto still win. It would be huge if the Warriors win at home without KD. They got a lift today even if it was just for a quarter. He scored 10% of their points in what was a 1 point game.

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totally agree man. They were

totally agree man. They were up by 6 with 2 1/2 minutes to go and should have dragged that lead out with Kawhi being who he is right now. Iggy was fantastic and with all the turnovers the Dubs delivered the Raptors had any chance to win this thing early and even on the last play they should have been better. Probs to Draymond for getting his hand on the Lowry shot as well. Never underestimate the heart of a champion I guess. Kerr is one lucky dude that he has his stars show up when it matters most. Probs for him to have the right guys on the floor at the right time but with this depleted Warriors roster his core guys just delivered again.

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I have not been all that impressed w/ Nurse

I'm really happy for Raptors fans b/c they've been thru a lot & I'm glad to see Toronto so close to a Title & by No means has Nurse been terrible or anything like that

But a lot of his decisions have been puzzling to put it gently

Remember Caey was let go & Nurse was brought on to improve the Raptors Offense & It's been a fantastic Defense w/ the addition of Gasol & Kawhi Leonard to an already excellent Defensive team

But offensively it's been Kawhi carrying the Raptors on his back for long stretches & I actually think Nurse deserves credit for refusing to make it about his ego & forcing a system & in pressure packed moments just getting out of the way & basically saying get Kawhi the ball & GTFO of his way

I guess my point is I truly believe Casey would have Toronto in the same place - on the cusp of a Title - but I don't think Casey would have called that timeout - it just made no sense - but like I said it's not the 1st decision Nurse has made that was confusing to say the least

I'm not a fan of either team so I don't have a dog in this fight but it really looked like the Warriors were on the mat & it def seemed like Nurse's time out decision allowed the Dubs to get off the mat & put together a Remarkable comeback

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Well yah Nurse does gamble,

Well yah Nurse does gamble, alot. He does alot of things that make you think "is this actually helping us win". Thing is more often than not we do win, just because the team has been that much better than everyone most of the way through so its hard to tell. But there are some things he has done that are just too risky. Like foul trouble.

Unless its Kawhi Leonard in foul trouble theres really no excuse to keep any of the players on this roster on the court. Its not like GSW where they absolutely need Curry, Green and Klay. This has goten us in trouble more than it has paid of in these playoffs.

Although I will say as much as I admire the guy I dont think Toronto would have gotten this far with Casey. Nurse has learned from Casey's mistakes and it seems that the pressure that clouded Derozan and Lowry for years was added on by Casey's extremely vocal critisism. The guy yells so much that he lost his voice multiple times in the playoffs which obviously did not do much for the team. Nurses calm demeanor has allowed Toronto's players to break out of their shooting slumps very quickly and brought a sense of confidece to the team.

He isnt perfect and the timeout was the wrong play but he got us here and I trust him moving forward.

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Too cute by half. Its not the

Too cute by half.

Its not the first time a coach laid an egg in a cruclal moment. Some of these guys buy into the hype that they’re the smartest guy in the room, and the reality is you could find someone digging in dumpsters in every city in this country that knows you keep your best defender and rebounder on the floor for the final defensive possession.

Instead Popovixh over-thought the situation thinking he’s a genius that knows something even a cock-eyed homeless man in Newark would know — you keep Tim Duncan on the court or you might give up nine offensive rebounds and have Ray Allen stick a 3.

Here, the explanation by the coach doesn’t pass the smell test: okay, you’re tired, but wouldn’t you think the Warriors were also tired since they had a depleted roster and had, umm hello, JUST GIVEN UP THE LEAD?

I’ve seen a bunch of clown college and high school coaches pull this stunt, go on a big run and call a time out to tell the team, presumably, they need to keep it up, just do it some other way from now on.

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