Nic Batum or Paul George?

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Nic Batum or Paul George?

Which guy would you rather have right now?

IMO, These 2 guys are so neck in neck overall that it can go either way.

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It's tough to say. I've been

It's tough to say. I've been a little more impressed with George this season because he's shown me the ability to be a primary offensive option. However, Batum just has never been given that opportunity. Granger going down was a blessing in disguise for George. Offensively, they're both primarily jump shooting players. I'd like to see both players stop shooting so many three-pointers and get to the line more. I think George is more comfortable in the mid-range, while Batum is primarily all long three-pointers or drives to the basket. I think George is a better offensive player when looking at his skill set.

I think George is the better rebounder and Batum is the better passer. Both players are very good on ball defenders, but I think Batum is better off of the ball. George falls asleep playing off of the ball sometimes (which he did quite a few times versus Utah last night). Batum is better at using his athleticism to block shots. I'd give Batum the edge overall defensively.

They're both very good all-around players, but I think Batum has more of a point forward skill set plus he can come off of screens and shoot, etc too. George is a scorer who also has an all-around game.

I don't know... It's tough to decide who's better. I'd probably go with George. It just seems like Batum is more of a complementary player, while George has potential to be a star go-to option.

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Both are highly promising

Both are highly promising players, but considering that George has been in the NBA two years less than Batum, I'd say his upside is certainly higher. But Indyball rightly points out their skillsets are different and they play in different circumstances.

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I like George better

I like George better

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can't go wrong with either of

can't go wrong with either of them i'd pick batum.i think he is an all around good player .hes like a glue type of player when he's in the line up he makes everything work on both ends of the floor.i really think if the blazers didn't match the t wolves offer sheet.batum would be showing what he can really do in minnesota.

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Hayward too.

You have to include Utah's Hayward to this list. I have always considered these 3 players to be similar.

Gordon Hayward:
2012-13 22 UTA NBA SG 44 10 1171 6.0 14.1 .428 1.6 4.0 .392 4.7 5.7 .822 1.0 2.8 3.9 3.4 1.0 0.8 2.5 2.5 18.3

Nicholas Batum:
2012-13 24 &$#%#[email protected]!BA SF 42 42 1638 5.1 11.9 .427 2.3 6.4 .357 2.9 3.3 .868 1.4 4.2 5.6 4.4 1.4 1.0 2.6 1.6 15.3

Paul George:
2012-13 22 IND NBA SF 43 43 1591 6.3 14.8 .425 2.1 5.5 .387 2.2 2.7 .818 1.2 6.2 7.5 3.6 1.7 0.7 2.7 2.7 16.9

Now after looking at these per 36 stats it's clear that they are pretty similar.

Batum's scoring is the lowest but his usage rate is about 3 shots less than both so I think we can call it comparable.

Their overall FG% is all .42.

Hayward has the best 3P% but he also takes 1.5 (Batum) and 2.5 (PG) less then the other 2.

Here come the differences.

Hayward gets to the line nearly double the rate of Paul George and triple that of Batum.

Paul George's rebounding, holy cow. I always thought he was a great defensive rebounder but damn. Just damn. Batum is pretty decent as well. Hayward is 2.6 behind Paul george, it's his weakest area in this comp.

Assists is an interesting category. Batum leads by near a full assist. However, I believe all 3 are not even close to their passing potential. This can be made evident by their 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7 turnovers a game respectively.

Now the stats for steals and blocks are fine but I'd rather talk about them as defenders, as a whole.

From my eye test, I think Paul George has the highest defensive potential. He is 6'10", his length is evident, he just looks like he is moving a split second before the defender. He has DPOY potential because he covers so much space with the range/athleticism he has.

Hayward and Batum are right up there with George as far as lock down ability, defensive IQ, and I must say Hayward is the best fast break defender in the league. But they don't dominate quite as much as George. This is huge compliment to George as these two are elite defensively.

To me this all comes down to clutch gene. Which one of them has it? If we had a concrete answer to that I think that would answer for us.

My choice would be either Hayward or George.

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Damn I wish I knew how to

Damn I wish I knew how to post Per 36 stats better.... Sorry all.

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I think it all depends on

I think it all depends on what you have on your team. If I had a reliable scorer on the roster, I'd go for Batum. If I had a rebuilding team, I'd go for George, because I think he still has upside in that area.

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