NHSI; Montverde wins; Dakari Johnson's bold prediction

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NHSI; Montverde wins; Dakari Johnson's bold prediction

Montverde beats St. Benedicts 67-65 in the National High School Invitational in dramatic fashion.

Down by as much as 16, made a huge comeback. St.Benedict's Tyler Ennis hit a three with 11 seconds remaining to give them a 1 point lead. The clock was running and Jalyn Patterson goes right back and hits a three with a second left to give Montverde the win.

Not only was this a huge and exciting game but Dakari Johnson stated in his post-game interview, "Feels good to win a national championship and I'm GOING to win a national title at Kentucky."

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Incredible finish. Tyler Ennis with his best Paul Pierce imitation, only with his shoulder. Kasey Hill made the right play, despite the fact that it was Jalyn Patterson first FG attempt in the game, and passed to the open wing at the end of the game for the game winning three. Kasey Hill really impressed me.

As far as Dakari Johnson and his guarantee... If Kentucky does win it will be due to the talent of Randle and the Twins, and less because of him. He continued to fail to impress me again this weekend. I am not a fan of his movement, balance, footwork, or shot. Showed really good effort at times, then seemed lazy others. Showed some nice passing and is obviously a huge physical specimen. I think he is was overhyped. Just shows you the lack of great big men in recent years when this guy is getting Shaq comparisons, and when Howard is the best big in the league for years, and when Roy Hibbert gets a max deal.

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It was a great game. Two

It was a great game. Two things stood out for me. Ennis and Hill are REALLY GOOD. They both will start from day one. And that kid Deangelo Russel is going to be special. Reminds me of Jalen Rose

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