nfl talk, rep your team here

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nfl talk, rep your team here

post whatever thoughts you have about this upcoming season and discuss your team.

Im a raider fan. We finally broke out of the dog house last year and went 8-8 with some tough losses sprinkled in there. The defense was finally a strength of ours. DL Richard Seymour who the raiders traded this past first round pick to the pats for was a beast making the pro bowl and alloweed the raiders to get pressure on the qb's without having to blitz every time. But resigning cb namdi asomugha is HUGE. He is the best db in the league and the raiders have to keep him.

On offense Darren McFadden finally broke out last year and looked like a top 10 rb in hte league. We still suck at the wr positions, but jacoby ford looked like a steal and made some big plays showing off his combine leading 40 time. TE zach miller is another free agent who the raiders must keep. Jason campbell at qb is nothing special but compared to jammarcus russel it was a breath of fresh air knowing we had a qb who would at least give us a chance to be in games.

Kicking game is still the best in the nfl with punter shane lechler once again leading the nfl with 47yd avg and 41yd net(both tops in league) making his 4th straight pro bowl. Sebastian Janikowski led th enfl in fg's made at 33 and was 21-22 inside 40 yards and had a high of 59 yards.

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Ima huge bear fan, i was as

Ima huge bear fan, i was as emotional as menopausal woman in nfc championship game... wen hanie was driving the field to potentially tie the game and he threw that pick i cried a little lol, i was emotinally invested in the bears and cutler this season.( Save the cutler beaks, he was sacked the most in the league this year, so if u question his toughness or call him a pansy ur a fuc-kn tool who knows nothing about sports )

One thing that drives me insane is how ppl disrespect cutler, talent wise he is a top 6 QB, and no one can argue that... at 25 yrs old he was pro bowler, it drives me crazy, chicago trades all there top picks for him but refuse to get him a WR!! He has the worst O-Line in the league sacked something like 56 times which was easily a league high, his best WR is 5"10 runt, in knox who is a pansy and cuts rooutes short and cant run a slant.... for fu-ck sakes his 2nd BEST WR IS A FUK-N KICK RETURNER ND DIDNT PLAY WR IN COLLEGE! its unreal man and he still leads them to the nfc title game. the bears are just setting him up failure, rumors are floating that we might go after a sidney rice or a plaxico or T.O, boy i sure hope we do something, jay needs a target and a weapon.... I think if theres a season this year we should have a good year, definetley a playoff team again and surely we'll sign a WR so i got high hopes

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Oakland Raiders!!!!!!!! If we

Oakland Raiders!!!!!!!! If we finally get a decent quarterback, we might actually have a winning season. Nnamdi probably isn't stayin though so that will suck.

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Not going to lie, I know my basketball stuff but I'm a novice in football. Still, I live in Philly and the Eagles make it worth watching. It sucks coming up short in the playoffs but man, there are just as many Eagle haters in the area (mainly Cowboy fans, Skins fans, and Giants fans). It makes watching games pretty interesting on Sundays IMO

Mike Vick last season was magical to watch. I thought he would eventually start in like week 8 and then they would make him starting QB from that point on. But he got the reigns early and won games and ressurcted his career. Kolb on the other hand, absolutely hate this guy. I know some people like him around here but IMO, i think he thinks he's better than he really is. I dunno, I could be wrong and once he gets traded, he may become great. But I just don't see into his hype honestly.

I like our receivers but I wish we had that one tall, strong receiver to help DeSean out more. Maclin wasn't bad but I want a receiver whose like 6'4" that can help us out more (you reading this Plaxico?) lol

Running game is good, especially with Mike Vick. But McCoy stepped up too and I think he might have a bright future.

Defense last season was not consistent and I hope we changed that this upcoming season. It could because of age, coaching changes, or whatever but I hope we get your guy Namdi Asomugha llperez. And another problem that drives me and a lot of other fans crazy is Andy Reid's coaching moves! UGH. It can be 3 and inches and most teams would just punch it in with their RB but nooooooo Reid wants to throw a short pass instead. A lot of times, it fails and we end up giving away a possession. He also made a lot timeout mistakes last season and that may have costed us a W here or there.

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My team has the worst haters in the world, and the best cheerleaders in the world :) I just hope Romo can carry use to the Super Bowl cause he has the talent.

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Why do we still have Alex

Why do we still have Alex Smith! It's been 6 years, and it hasn't worked! Let him go! It's time to try somthing different!

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Dunno who the QB's gonna be, but we're gonna win the sorriest division in the league!

But my favorite team, the Colts, are gonna disprove everyone sleeping on them, saying they're getting too old. The texans won't touch us, Jags won't touch us, Chris Johnson was a one-hit wonder...They will make the conference finals.

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lions and eagles but lions

lions and eagles

but lions fairley and suh

nuff said lol

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