Next 3 years

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Next 3 years

Predict the accolades and stats of these players in three years

zach Lavine

andrew wiggins


victor oladipo

jabari Parker

giannis antetokoumpo

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Zach Lavine- 1x Dunk Champ,

Zach Lavine- 1x Dunk Champ, 1x Brother of Bounce

Wiggins- 3x King of Canadia, 2.2 mentions in Drake songs per season

KAT- 5x Player with most feline-like initials, 3.1 Blurnovers (blocks + turnovers) per game

Victor Oladipo- 1x American Idol Champ, 2x The Voice champ, 1x America's Got Talent Semifinalist

Jabari Parker- 3x mistaken for Gambino, 20.2 ppg, 1x murdered by J. Kidd midseason

Giannis- 100.7 name misspellings per season, 2x Feta cheese eating champ

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It was the 20.2 PPG that

It was the 20.2 PPG that really put this post over the top to a whole new level of greatness.

But idk, 100.7 name mispellings? I'll take the over on that one.

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Next three years

I wouldn't be shocked if Parker is Thomas Robinson in three years. He's horrible.

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You mean the Thomas Robinson

You mean the Thomas Robinson who averaged 17 points and 15 boards per 36 minutes at age 24 once he started to actually get playing time. Clearly you are confused about a couple of things...

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