Newpaper article leads off with "A half-naked Scalabrine..." (seriously)

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Newpaper article leads off with "A half-naked Scalabrine..." (seriously)

An article written by Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry appearing in today's issue of the Oklahoman:

"A half-naked Brian Scalabrine stood in the middle of the Chicago Bulls locker room covered from the waist down by only a towel. About an hour before Scalabrine's Bulls took the court against the Thunder on Dec. 6 at United Center, a member of Chicago's staff approached. He whispered three words. ( users insert your quote here!)

'You're active tonight,' the staffer told Scalabrine. The seldom-used, red-haired forward responded with a smile, a bobbing head and a fist pump. 'Yes!' Scalabrine exclaimed, the 10-year veteran standing all by his lonesome.

Down the hall, Thunder guard Daequan Cook could empathize with the emotion. That night, Cook was placed on the inactive list for the 12th time in 14 games. Hearing those three simple words, Cook said, can be a soothing and significant sound.

'It tells you that what you've been doing has been paying off,' said Cook, who was relegated to the inactive list in 31 of 34 games between Nov. 14 and Jan. 19. 'It gets tough, very tough. You want to play. You want to be out there. Or at least dressing, feeling that there's some way you could help'."

Read the rest of the article here:

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The Chicago sports radio guys refer to Scal as Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro).

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