New Orleans/Detroit trade idea

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New Orleans/Detroit trade idea

Won't post a trade machine link since it means little at this point in the post-season, but I was thinking today of a draft-day timeframe trade between New Orleans and Detroit and wondered what you guys thought of it:

New Orleans receives:
Josh Smith, 8th (assuming lottery odds hold up) overall 2014 draft pick

Detroit receives:
Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon

Detroit needs outside shooting and defined roles in its frontcourt, while New Orleans desperately needs defense. With the rumors that SVG is taking over in Detroit, I'm thinking that he's going to look at the Pistons roster and try to replicate what he had in Orlando when they made the Finals...pick and roll game with PG/C surrounded by shooters and then preach a defensive philosophy with accountability. They'd probably need to let Monroe walk to afford Anderson and Gordon, but this fixes their shooting and fits in with what SVG will want to do. Should also allow Drummond to flourish and dominate.

Pistons Lineup:
C - Drummond, Harrellson, 2nd rounder/undrafted
PF - Anderson, Mitchell, 2nd rounder/undrafted
SF - Singler, Jerebko, Datome
SG - Gordon, KCP, Billups (if he doesn't retire)
PG - Jennings, Bynum, Siva

In today's day and age, Davis will end up playing a lot of center, but on offense they can have J-Smoove play closer to the basket to avoid his terribly inefficient outside shooting. They also finally get rid of Gordon; they interestingly played a lot better towards the end of last season when Gordon was out and Tyreke Evans finally got to start for them. ESPN NBA Rumors the other day said that Monty Williams was already thinking of flipping them and having Tyreke start with Gordon as the 6th man next year. They don't work together, and Smith if playing close to the hoop on offense, can greatly improve their defense. Plus they can pickup a good 2-way player like Garry Harris to be a 3 & D guy as their next guard.

Pelicans Lineup (assuming they re-sign several guys):
C - Davis, Ja. Smith, Withey, Ely
PF - Jo. Smith, Aminu, Babbitt
SF - Evans, Miller, Southerland
SG - Harris, Morrow, Rivers
PG - Holiday, Roberts

To me, everybody improves here and addresses they're deficiencies of this past season. Thoughts?

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interesting, but too risky

interesting, but too risky for NO. I mean, Josh Smith is potentially poison at this point, and a number 8 pick doesn't guarantee a great player. Also, have to be a killjoy and point out that the salaries don't match up at all, there would be a lot of work to do to make it work

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