New Orleans Pelicans???

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New Orleans Pelicans???

According to sources the New Orleans Hornets new name will be the New Orleans Pelicans. Wtf is Tom benson is thinking??? They are even close to their new uniform colors which will be red,gold, and navy blue. I hope this is all a big joke; since New Orleans is a big jazz city why not name them the New Orleans soul or something like that? I now hope MJ brings the hornets logo back to the Queen City.

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Its NO JOKE!! They plan to

Its NO JOKE!! They plan to start using that name as early as next season.....Owner Tom Benson and his wife Gayle announced the news on a Fox Sports channel in New Orleans only a few hours ago......Their colors will be Navy Blue,Red and Gold...They also considered using the names Kweme or

Micheal Jordan said last month that if the nickname Hornets became available he'll go back to it,now he can do it..

But i dislike the name Pelicans...But it appears that some how Benson owns the name....

When i 1st saw the name change on Marc Spears Twitter page,i had to take a double look...

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I really hope you are telling

I really hope you are telling the truth about what jordan said, Someone else posted about a three team trade that sounded good

Jazz get right to bobcats nickname or right to change it from the bobcats
Hornets get the Jazz nickname
Charlotte gets the hornets nickname

I wish a trade like that would happen

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Weird, that a sports team

Weird, that a sports team will be named after a strange looking beach bird.

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I just looked this up and the

I just looked this up and the New Orleans Pelicans use to be an old baseball team back in the day. That's kind of weird. That's like the Brooklyn Nets becoming the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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I thought this was a joke at

I thought this was a joke at first.. I thought it was funny.. I can understand teams like the atlanta hawks, atlanta falcons, philadelphia eagles, birds of prey.. But Pelicans?.. There was that horrible sinking feeling when I found out it was true...

New Orleans Soul would have been really cool, good idea i_get_buckets.. maybe Tom Benson will see this thread...

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Sounds like a team the Tropics would play in Semi-pro. Any idea on the logo? Pelican with a basketball in his beak? Hope Anthony Davis stays healthy so this team isn't a joke, cause the team name is. Austin Rivers, not helping.

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by any chance do pelicans

by any chance do pelicans have unibrows? or at least their actual mascot should have one. still one of the worst logos one can come up with.

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Barf bag. Now.

Barf bag. Now.

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At least New Orleans Hornets

At least New Orleans Hornets has a ring to it...New Orleans Pelicans? Should let the fans vote on names

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I don't like the name(Love

I don't like the name(Love the colors though) but I get the significance. I was born in louisiana and I still live there today. Our state bird is the brown pelican. So it actually fits. I wish we could have the Jazz but I would have went with the Krewe. The New Orleans Krewe, still fits the city of New Orleans and out great Mardi Gras heritage.

Also I'd just love to hear them playing Drake "Crew Love" at the game lol, "Oh, yeah they loving the Crew.."

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The revolutionary Orleans

The revolutionary Orleans Pelicans really are a skilled basketball workforce based in Brand-new Orleans, Louisiana. They will play within the South west Department of the Developed Seminar of the Nation's Baseball Relationship. The particular franchises began play throughout the 1988–89 NBA years because the Charlotte Hornets based in Charlotte, New York, wherever these folks were based regarding only fourteen periods. Now new orleans pelicans tickets are available you can buy it

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