new era of basketball...

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new era of basketball...

When did the era of I demand a trade to _." start? I know it wasn't in the mid 90's when Jordan was dominating and I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the early 2000's with Kobe and Shaq. From Carmelo last year to Dwight this year, it really boggles my minds how much power the players have gotten and how much they handcuff their respective GM's. I've really grown dissappointed in the NBA overall.

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Barkley wanted out in Philly

Barkley wanted out in Philly and got traded to the Suns for Jeff Hornacek, Tim Perry, and change.
Shaq wanted out of Orlando to go to the big stage. He signed with the Lakers even though Orlando offering more
money, with the Magic gettting nothing in return.

Those are the two main guys that I can think of. But I so think it is more common now.

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November 8th 2005

November 8th 2005

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If I'm not mistaken Rick

If I'm not mistaken Rick Barry demanded a trade, didnt get it, played in the ABA for a while, then went back to the NBA. I could be wrong tho I wasn't alive to witness it lol.. My point tho is just that people have always wanted to play for certain teams it's nothin new. Just seems like it with such high level stars doin it recently

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Kobe got Shaq traded to Miami

Kobe got Shaq traded to Miami because he wanted to be the man....then he realized he needed help and demanded a trade unless they got him help. Pau comes in and they win 2 more titles. Meanwhile the Big 3 was put together through no fault of KG or Ray Allen who are loyal and professional. However this did start the trend of stars wanting to play together instead of face off against one another. Carmelo held Denver hostage by not signing the extension they offered and made it be known that he wanted to be a Knick. The Nuggets were forced to deal with NY if they wanted anything in return for their star who much like Howard most likely wouldn't have signed an extension anywhere outside of NY. The Nuggets made out pretty nicely in that deal getting Gallo, Chandler and Mozgov. The next summer we have The Decision which takes stars playing together to a new level with Lebron and Bosh joining Dwade in Miami. At least Lebron waited to be a free agent until he left. Lebron looks a lot better after winning the title this season and now all this Dwight Howard nonsense.

So my answer is that it has been in the works since Shaq left LA but really wasn't at a level that hurt the game until now. Contracts are now practically obsolete if you are a star player. Dwight is acting like he is a free agent when he is not, even though he should be but he is an idiot. The league needs to do something about this trend before all the power is in the hands of the players.

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idk why i thought this thread

idk why i thought this thread was about NBA fitted caps.

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UNC, not only do they handcuff there GM's

they enable the terrible GM's of there choice to benefit. Maybe your a good GM if you find a way to have no players under contract every season's end. It worked for Miami. The Knicks, Mavs and Nets also tried. Danny Ferry said he wouldnt play for the Clippers back in the day and we lose Ron Harper for him.

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players and their agents have

players and their agents have become more business savvy. We can blame it on the players, and as fans not like it, but at the end of the day its just the athletes leveling the playing field with the owners who have always done what they wanted and what they felt was in their best interest in regards to moving players. Now players realize they can be in charge to a certain extent where they go and they are actively putting themselves in the best situaiton possible and flexing their power to make decisions. Dont hate the player, hate the game.

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Not only did Shaq bolt for LA

Not only did Shaq bolt for LA in the summer of 1996, but Kobe Bryant entered the draft and only wanted to play for a big market team. He gets drafted by the Hornets and traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac. To finish off the offseason
they draft Derek Fisher with their late first round pick and even end up with Travis Knight who got drafted by the Bulls and traded to the Lakers. Probably the best offseason by a team in NBA history.

Another big one was when Steve Francis tells everyone he won't play for Vancouver, the Grizzlies pick him anyway, he literally cries, and then demands a trade. The Grizzlies are forced to trade him, get junk in return (Michael Dickerson who gets hurt), which I think really, really hurt the franchise in Vancouver.

The earlier quest by Pat Riley to buy a great team for Miami basically started when he goes after Alonzo Mourning. The Hornets couldn't afford
him after signing Larry Johnson for big bucks, and Zo ultimately ends up in Miami.
They try to get Juwan Howard too but that didn't work, but the addition of Zo turned the Heat into major players which they have basically been (more or less) since Zo went to Miami.

That gives you both super stud centers from the 1992 draft (Shaq and Zo) moving on from their original teams, moving on to bigger, higher profile, flashier markets, winning titles, and really changing the NBA landscape over the next decade or so.

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what happened to Duncan's of

what happened to Duncan's of the NBA, the one would stick to his team, though kudos to the management of SPURS, getting popovich as coach and drafting smart,

actually, the spurs are the most succesful small market team in the NBA, they are the Team of the Decade, 2000 to 2010,

even now Kevin Love is hinting that he would not to play in the Timberwolves, maybe he would like to take his talent to south beach when his contract is UP, LOL,

i see, Durant, Rose and hopefully Rubio wont abandon there team in the long run,

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It has always existed, but

It has always existed, but this era of "I want out, I have leverage, and want to go to that team." Melo started that particular trend a couple years ago, the Jazz smartly avoided that situation, the Hornets went through that with Paul, and now the Magic are going through this with Dwight.

But I just realized somthing, all of these teams that traded their superstar have gotten very nice deals. Denver got an array of cheaper role players that fit their system, and now have a very nice 5th or 4th seed team, the Jazz got two quality bigs while avoiding any drama, and the Hornets got Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers, and sucked enough to get Anthony Davis. Although at this point, the Magic would be lucky to get anything close to what those teams got. Even the Cavs and Raptors who lost Lebron and Bosh have rebounded nicely.

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It's only a

'new era of basketball' if you're new to basketball. Players, either good or great have done this for many years. Only in recent years has it become a Big Thing. That's because there's people whos job it is to check and see if this guy wants traded, and to which team, and oh, he doesn't want to go to that team, etc.

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Magic Johnson anyone?

People forget that Magic Johnson demanded to be traded while only in his third year in the league. Paul Westhead was fired as a result and Pat Riley took over. This is nothing new. Some of the best, most well respected players in NBA history have done it.

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I remember that Jason Kidd

I remember that Jason Kidd demanded a trade from the Nets when they started losing and even refused to play for a few games before he got dealt to the Mavs

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Kobe on Draft Night

I remember him telling the hornets that he wanted to be a laker when he was drafted. And he got his request.

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