New East cores.....?

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New East cores.....?

So the cores of a couple of East teams have changed somewhat, just wondering how they rank and what teams would interest this free agent class?
Guys like Horford, Howard, Batum, Whiteside and Derozan (Fournier could be another, he has only been good for the 1 year has plenty of room to grow).

The two that have changed as of today:
Knicks - Rose, Anthony and Porzingis (Solid C to help Porzingis)
Pacers - Teague, George and Turner (Need added scoring)

If I am Derozan, Batum or Fournier I am looking at Indiana, a chance to play with one of the few elite talents in the Eastern Conference outside of James and Irving in Cleveland. Derozan and Batum will have to be convinced to leave their current team where they have had great success, Fournier I think would fit in New Orleans.

If I am Howard I am taking a good look at the Knicks, he could work well next to Porzingis and rebound block shots and just get back to what he does best. Orlando and out west with Dallas are good options also.
Horford may return to Atlanta and he may not be quite what New York wants, but he could fit as could Whiteside.

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Howard to Knicks

Please God, whisper to Howard. Tell him to go to the Knicks. What an epic clusterf**k.

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1 core everyone will see come to fruition

Philadelphia 76ers

Simmons/Embiid/Saric/Okafor or Noel and whoever they get via trade/draft/free agency

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Says the dude that knows

Says the dude that knows about cluster &$#%#[email protected]!. Dwight and rose to Knicks means 1 thing. 7 straight finals for Lebron.

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We'll se, things will get interesting.

I have the feeling Mike Conley will go east as well.

Conley-Rose might be that Hornacek "two PG backcourt"... I think they will value Noah more than Howard, he costs less and has a team first mentality with passing skills, very much a need with so many attack-mode players.

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I dont think the knicks

I dont think the knicks should get another big to take minutes from porzingis...lets be real in the nba today only one true big plays the final 4 minutes, Howard is not going to be happy when porzingis is getting those minutes. Knicks should stock up on wings withe available cap space. Turner/Fournier/Batum, try to get two of those guys and they're a legit playoff team.

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Outside of Indy and NY (They

Outside of Indy and NY (They arent there yet, but have the foundation), the only other squads are Milwaukee and Philly in 3 years. Philly desperately needs to trade 2 of those bigs.

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