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They need a coach.... Pj is not a good coach and doesn't know how to sub and has his best prospect in Marshon Brooks, have no confidence in himself and he could be contributing to the team. When brooks was on the court the Nets had a decent lead and were playing well, that was due to his instant passing, when Cj Watson is on the floor he catches and watches then shoot or drives. Deron Williams is best when doing pick and rolls yet I never see a good pick n roll with the nets, everything is iso..

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I'm so disappointed in this game

I'm a deron Williams fan and watching this game we have no passion whatsoever. I was telling myself if we lose this game we deserve it after all the missed free throws and our play. The bulls are actually playing like they have their backs to the wall and are facing elimination

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The Nets coaching staff has

The Nets coaching staff has really messed up with the rotations this year. Here in the playoff game they played Hump and Evans in the fourth quarter. I don't think I've seen that combination all year. They spent most of the season trying to develop Mirza and that failed and now they can't play him at all. They used Stack (who is nice but also done) and he has shot and shot and airballed and airballed and now they can't play him. They completely failed to develop Marshon and now they basically can't use him in the playoffs because he is so out of sorts. They frequently don't play Lopez in close games in the fourth quarter for huge periods of time and they certainly don't get the scoring production out of him that they get in the first quarter.

But they might make it to the Heat. Any season that ends at the hands of the Heat is about the best that any team can hope for this year.

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