NCAA Player stock up and down

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NCAA Player stock up and down

Since I double posted, put you biggest winners and losers in terms of draft stock. I'll start with McGary, as he looks like a Derrick Favors type project, but a team could certainly reap the rewards of being patient.

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McGary has definitely been the big winner as far as draft stock. I'd also add Russ Smith, Trey Burke, Gorgui Dieng. I'd also add Nerlens Noel, simply because everybody mentioned in the top ten didn't really do that well.

As for down, I'd say pretty much all the big names you're hearing for the top 5-10 didn't really have great tourney showings, but the hardest hit was easily Shabazz Muhammad. Between his poor performance against the Gophers, and him turning out to be a year older than he said he was, he's the biggest loser in draft stock IMO. Cody Zeller also comes to mind, he didn't have a great tourney.

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Bazz scored 20 albeit on a

Bazz scored 20 albeit on a poor 6-18 from the field. But he forced his way to the line and continued to show aggression and determination like he did during the regular season. His one and done was better then either Marcus smarts or Otto porters one and dones, not that that is saying much. I actually watched the whole Oregon vs ok st game and smart disnt do anything, couldn't get good separation. 2 of his made shots were concession Lay ups after the game was decided.

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Ben McLemore's stock also

Ben McLemore's stock also went down. He was a sure fire #1 pick before and now who knows. The end of the Michigan game put fear into the hearts of fans as he doesnt look like he has the killer instinct to be a first option.

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