This NCAA Basketball Season is half way done, some upsets, some surprises, some teams steppin up BIG TIME!

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This NCAA Basketball Season is half way done, some upsets, some surprises, some teams steppin up BIG TIME!

Top Ten Surprise teams:

1.- Wake Forest- with its spectacular freshman recruiting class led by Mc Donalds All American Al Faarooq Aminu. Jeff Teague, Harvey Hale, Chas Mc Farland LD Williams, James Johnson. Dino Gaudio has put together a top10 team, The Demon Deacons have a chance to take the ACC by storm, an in my brackets have a chance to get a possible Number 1 seed. Came into the season ranked #24, have made a quantum leap to #4
Next Key Game: 1/11 @ UNC

2.Syracuse- Paul Harris, Jonny Flynn, Andy Rautins, Orinze Anuaku( #1 underated player in the nation reminds me of Hakim Warrick Minus the Athleticism). have led this team this year. Jonny Flynn's spectacular Point Guard play has got them competing for a possible number one seed going into the Big East Tournament. Flynn is looking like one of the Top Guards in the nation an has elevasted his teams game, elevated Paul Harris's game more (He's looking strong as the college b-ball season goes into the trenches) strong case
Next Key Game: 1/14 @ Georgetown

3.Clemson- Terrance Oglesby, Trevor Booker, Ray Sykes. The Stellar play of Soph Guard Demontez Stit they have had a solid season, with good play upfront, an strong bench play wins over solid teams this season. MIami FL, Temple, an ALabama. They are in the Acc so like the Big East all non conference games are critical to the Selection Committee. but must have strong conference record as well as play. Every year CLemson starts off with a bang an Ends the season on a tough note, my prediction this team will not fall this season an will be mentioned @ the end of the season as one of the strong teams out the ACC
Next Key Game: 1/17 Vs Wake Forest

4.Ohio State- this year Thad Matta's squad is coming on as a surprise team this season out of the Big Ten. Big wins early in the season over Miami FL, Butler Evan Turner's stock has grown, an he has came out of no where, if he leaves for the draft i believe he is this year's Russell Westbrook as far as his draft stock that has taken a quantum leap. BJ Mullens, Jon Diebler, Dave Lighty, Will Buford have put up decent enough numbers to have this team as a major sleeper this year in the Big ten.
Next Key Game- 1/13 vs Indiana

5. Michigan- Manny Harris, Desaun Sims, Luval Lucas Perry, Zac Novak an the MIchigan Wolverines has emergd as a definite contender for Big ten player of the year, like Ohio St, MIchigan has a solid team with Ekpe Udoh transfering to Baylor, Deshaun Sims has emerged as a nice 2nd punch to Manny Harris's MVP like season in Ann Arbor. with wins over UCLA & Duke early this team can make a run a possible second round tournament run
Net Key Game- 1/13 Vs Iowa

6. Minnesota- Tubby Smith has the Golden Gophers playin exceptional well. Next year has 2 top 50 recruits in Royce White # 8 PF, an Rodney Williams #4 SF in ESPN Top 100 that have signed an will make a positive contribution. Lawrence Westbrook, Damian Johnson, Blake Hoffarber , an Al Nolen have a solid starting 5 that looks strong, solid bench play has helped them much this season as well. Solid wins over Virginia, Ohio State an Iowa
Next Key Game- 1/11 vs Penn State

7.Arkansas- Wat more can i say about the Razorbacks from the SEC, Big wins over Big 12 Powerhouses Texas an Oklahoma. Strong post play from MIke Washington & Jason Henry. strong guard play from Stefan Welsh an SEC Freshman of the Year Candidate Courtney Fortson. The SEC has alot of solid teams this year they should get at least 4 or 5 teams in this season headed by the Gators of Florida an LSU
Next Key Game-1/14 @ Ole MIss

8.Marquette- The nations most toughest conference yet again is making a name for itself. Dominic James, Jerel Mc Neal, an Wesley Matthews the best 3 Guard combo i have seen in a while, James is a pass first scoring guard, Mc Neal deadly mid range guard with speed an athleticism, Matthews is strong combo guard reminds me of Dwyane Wade.Cant forget beautiful play from big man Lazar Heyward
Next key Game- @ 1-/17 @ Providence

9.Baylor- I put the Bears on the list because they arent really a surprise this season but they are consistent, remember a couple of years ago the Patrick Dempsey Murder Scandal gave this University a bad look , but they have rebounded lovely the past 3 years with Guard play from Jerrells, Tweety Carter, an Henry Dugat. Forwards La Darius Dunn an Kevin Rogers has this Baylor team as the 4th best team in the Big 12 behind Oklahoma Texas & Missouri
Next Key Game -1/14 @ Texas A&M
10. Arizona St- Herb Sendek's Sun Devils lead by Jeff Pendergaph (so Underated), an James Harden have an NBA bench led by Ty Abbott, Mc Millan, an Kuksiks ( crazy game). this team can give UCLA a run for there money this year in the Pac

10. USC, Cal an Arizona can make names for themselves as well.
Next Key Game-1/15 @ USC
Sleeper team i left out : California Bears led by Patrick Christopher out of the Pac-10 15-2 (4-0) in the Conference really have crept up this year

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I like the Razorbacks

I like the Razorbacks, I know they are a rag tag group as far how they were composed. That M.Washington cat is a stud he should be working his way up the draft board reminds me of a more focused Andray Blatche. They have a solid squad that plays hard and I think they will continue they're scrappy play through the rest of the season. I also like Marquette's guard play they're pretty deep on the perimeter, I agree Matthews could sneek up on some people in the pros and be a pretty good player. Mcneal could be a NBA player as well and James could be casing some chaecks as well so there 3 guard lineup is very good.Wake Forest has as much young talent as anybody in the NCAA so I think they could go far. I like your list.

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They are 4-0 for the first time ever in the Big East and this year that conference is sick. They are led by 3 senior guards and although they are undersized they can go far in the tournament. Remember, guard play is huge come March. Clemsen hasn't played anyone yet. They did beat the Illini who I think is also having a really good year but Clemsen will get a reality check very soon with Wake and UNC up next.

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Agree Marquette guard play

Agree Marquette guard play is ideal for March

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Teammates Malik Hairston and Maarty Luenen unexpectedly heard their names called but Taylor didn’t.
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