NBA teams giving up way too soon

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NBA teams giving up way too soon

I know teams have to give up pieces to get pieces, but only if the Bullets would’ve been patient and realized what they had with Juwan Howard, Rasheed Wallace, and Chris Webber long-term. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

Who are some teams of the past that you feel had something special, but didn’t realize what they actually had on their roster at the time?

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There's quite a few teams

There's quite a few teams that had great individuals that they let go, but I think those Sacramento teams in the early 2000s really missed a golden opportunity for a championship. That's worse. They had the right roster. As far as individuals being let go too early, Chauncey Billups didn't stick anywhere early on. Even though they were vets, Barkley, Pippen and Hakeem should've accomplished something together, so too Stoudamire, Steve Smith, Pippen, Rasheed Wallace and Sabonis in Portland. Carter and McGrady in Toronto come to mind too.

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I think the original post was

I think the original post was based off stars not yet achieving their maximum potential before being traded. You listed a few good OLD GUYS yet forgot the Lakers when they had Malone, Shaq, Bryant and Payton. That was probably the biggest letdown I've ever seen.

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What about the Suns team with

What about the Suns team with Nash, Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, all in their primes.

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I think everyone knew they

I think everyone knew they were great players and a great team... they just couldn't win the big games.

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I don't think Phoenix ever

I don't think Phoenix ever gave up, until Stoudemire left. Letting Joe Johnson go was a probably mistake but Raja Bell was a very solid replacement.

They didn't fail so much as they never got lucky. They lost in 2005 and 2007 to an all-time great team, the Pop-Duncan-Parker-Ginobili Spurs at their peak. In 2006 -- without Stoudemire -- they lost to a hot Mavs team. Losing D'Antoni and trading Shawn Marion set them back for a couple years, but they rebounded in 2010, adding guys like Grant Hill, Dragic and Frye and making it back to the conference finals before losing to another powerhouse, the Kobe-Gasol Lakers.

If I remember correctly, they were a ridiculous Kobe three away from taking a 3-2 lead in that series back to Phoenix.

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I think Knight is talking

I think Knight is talking about things like what if Harden wasn't traded instead of signing Ibaka in OKC. That may well have been some team.

But I feel Seattle trading Pippen for Olden Polynice deprived them of a championship. Payton, Kemp and Pippen would have quite some athletic core

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I don't know, man. Pippen

I don't know, man. Pippen ONLY played well in Chicago, and underperformed/was a headache everywhere else he went. Think he was more a product of Chicago's system than anything. I always catch heat for this, but think Pippen is one of the more overrated players of all time.

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OKC...doubt I have to

OKC...doubt I have to elobrate.

I agree with the Suns..Marion, Nash, STAT, Joe, Marion, Q-Rich, Barbosa..that team could of been really special.

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Agree! They had the next GOAT in Nick Collison and instead kept giving the ball to those kids Kevin, Russel and James. Missed opportunity at it's finest.

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Portland TrailBlazers

Injuries Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. They actually should have went KD instead of Oden totally messed that up. L.A walks in free agency they traded away Will Barton and they obvious probably wouldn't have been able to Draft Dame or Co but ultimately their team at the very least was suppose to be

Brandon Roy

Kevin Durant

Lamarcus Aldrige

At the very least for a good start to a Big 3

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Yes, i was going to write

Yes, i was going to write about Portland........if ONLY Oden and roy didn't get injured. This is their team in Oden's third season

Aldridge, batum, Camby, Brandon Roy, Oden, Gerlad Wallace, Andre Miller, Patty Mills, Wes Matthews, Rudy Fernandez.

Camby was old and Andre Miller 10th season (he played 16 seasons) Wallace 9th season, all the rest were young...

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I just watched a TED talk on

I just watched a TED talk on group dynamics. But basically real life is not 2k. Players need the right environment and opportunity to reach their full potential. Them players may have never developed right together especially considering they were all basically PF's.

Like the Sixers basically gave away Noels and Okafor to give Embiid more room to grow. If in 4 years miraculously Okafor and Noels become All Star players nobody should be saying what if the Sixers still had them with Embiid because we all know they needed to seperate to become better.

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I am surprised no one mentioned Orlando

I mean it was Shaq that gave up on that team but they were still ascending when he bailed. If he had stayed and they had added a couple more/ different complimentary pieces then that would have really changed some things.

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The Webber for Mitch Richmond

The Webber for Mitch Richmond trade was probably one of the worst trades of the past 20 years when you look at it in retrospect and it set the franchise back for years. Still, it’s kind of hard to see how a lineup of Howard-Webber-Wallace would’ve worked long-term considering that they all essentially play the same position.

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If I stand correct, Howard

If I stand correct, Howard was playing small forward at the time.

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As far as the disappointment

As far as the disappointment or the underachievement of the Suns and the Kings, it wasn't there fault. You got to remember, THE FIX was in. Referee's admitted to fixing the Kings versus the Lakers. They admit it. I remember seeing the series thinking they really are making some unusually bad calls. The same goes for the Suns in their series. I mean, it happened.

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The 2002

The Kings were the real champs in 2002

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Robert Sarver was all about

Robert Sarver was all about cost cutting in Phoenix even with a successful team playing potentially the most exciting basketball in the NBA at that time. Joe Johnson was due a big extension and was traded, the pick which became 5 time All Star Al Horford if it had fallen one space more in 2007 draft would have gone to Phoenix. Rondo was traded away for money in 2006 draft. Picks traded for Kurt Thomas to Thunder for a salary dump. Shaq traded for a salary dump in 2009.

Marion was traded for Shaq as it was possibly felt Shaq's size would be better matching Spurs in play offs potentially and Shaq was a proven title winner. But Marion would have been due an extension a year down the line and Shaq was short term move.

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