NBA Playoffs

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NBA Playoffs

I always thought it would be fun to forget about the conferences in the playoffs.. They just rank them from 1-16.

The Eastern Conference and Western Conference winners would automatically get the 1 and 2 seed. The other division winners would automatically get seeds 3-6(would make winning a division still relevant). Then seeds 7-16 would be the top non-division winners no matter of conference. This would help ensure the best two teams play.

For example this would be the seedings:
1. Miami
2. San Antonio
3. Oklahoma City
4. LA Clippers
5. Indiana
6. New York
7. Memphis
8. Denver
9. Brooklyn
10. Chicago
11. Boston
12. Atlanta
13. Golden State
14. Houston
15. LA Lakers
16. Utah

First Round:
1. Miami vs. 16. Utah
8. Denver vs. 9. Brooklyn
4. LA Clippers vs. 13. Golden State
5. Indiana vs. 12. Atlanta
3. Oklahoma City vs. 14. Houston
6. New York vs. 10. Chicago
2. San Antonio vs. 15. LA Lakers
7. Memphis vs. 10. Chicago

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Fun to think about. I think

Fun to think about.

I think the New York-Boston series would be interesting, as it pits two storied franchises against each other. Also, each team being older, and banged-up would be an angle.

OKC-Houston would be great, for Harden-related and for pace-related reasons.

I can't say I'd pick any underdogs in any of these, though. Maybe Boston over New York, depending upon who's playing for the Knicks by the time the playoffs get here.

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Warriors vs. Clippers may

Warriors vs. Clippers may actually happen. That would have to be the most entertaining (not saying the most evenly matched) 1st round matchup in either conference.

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It would ensure the best 16

It would ensure the best 16 teams would make the playoffs.. Another thought would be to have just an Eastern and Western conference... The winner of each conference gets the top 2 seeds... Then everyone else is listed 3-16 by record..

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As a Clipper fan I'm hoping

As a Clipper fan I'm hoping the Warriors of late show up i its 3 v 6 matchup. The Warriors have our number this year and our one win against them happened when the Warriors just couldn't hit any shots. And I don't want to play the Nuggets either, especially in Denver.

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Nice Idea, but....

From a fan's point of view this would be great.
But it won't happen for obvious logistical reasons
1) Owners would not agree to pay the bill for added travel expenses East vs West for the whole tournament.
2) Player's Union would not agree due to the harsher travel schedule and more time changes etc.

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Yea, everyone would love

Yea, everyone would love this. Player and onwers and fans alike. But the travel would be too taxing, you don't want guys getting jet lag. Imagine a first round between the Lakers and the Knicks, because of the 3 hour time zone the jet lag would ruin the series.

I know for sure Royce White would give 2 thumbs down to this idea. (Just kidding)

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