NBA Playoff Predictions

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NBA Playoff Predictions

Round One

Eastern Conference

(1) Toronto Raptors vs. (8) Washington Wizards - Wizards in 7 - John Wall is a totally different player in the playoffs, I expect him to control this series. I still don't trust Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan in a playoff setting. I expect this to be a tough series. Could go either way.

(2) Boston Celtics vs. (7) Milwaukee Bucks - Celtics in 6 - Milwaukee is just a bad team. This pick is not a testiment on how good the Celtics are, but the horrible play by the Bucks. Jabari Parker and the centers for the Bucks are the key to this series. If they can somewhat outplay their counterparts, then they should win easily. But, I don't see a Brad Stevens led team losing in the first round.

(3) Philadelphia 76ers vs (6) Miami Heat - Sixers in 6 - We don't exactly know when Embiid will come back, but the Sixers are hot right now without him. While the Heat is a tough physical team, they are 12-14 in their last 26 games. The Sixers are coming in the playoffs with nothing to prove and some new found energt (Fultz).

(4) Cleveland Cavs vs. (5) Indiana Pacers - Cavs in 5 - LeBron has not lost in the first round in 7 years. Don't see this Pacers team slowing down playoff LeBron. I do believe that Oladipo can steal a game at home. I expect all the games to be close, but LeBron being the deciding factor in all games.

(4) Cleveland Cavs vs. (8) Washington Wizards - Cavs in 6 - This should be a fun series. The Cavs do not have the rim protection and guard play that can slow down John Wall and Bradley Beal. Also, the Cavs don't have a bench, just like the Wizards. This series will be more competitive than many would believe. But, the Cavs have LeBron and the Wizards don't.

(2) Boston Celtics vs (3) Philadelphia 76ers - Sixers in 5 - The first round should be a huge confendence boost for the Sixers. The talent, coaching, and hunger from the Sixers should outweight anything the Celtics have.

(3) Philadelphia 76ers vs (4) Cleveland Cavs - Cavs in 7 - Homecourt is a huge reason why I have this in 7 games. Philly has a huge homecourt advantage over most of the league, the rarely lose there. The Sixers has the bodies and rim protectors to control LeBron, but they don't have game 7 experience to win vs. LeBron.

Western Conference

(1) Houston Rockets vs. (8) Minnesota Timberwolves - Rockets in 5 - It's the Jimmy and Kat show for the Wolves, but it's the Rockets show for Houston. The Timberwolves do not play defense and do not have a bench to make this series competitive.

(2) Golden State Warriors vs. (7) San Antonio Spurs - Warriors in 4 - The Warriors got really lucky with them drawing the Spurs in round one. The Warriors match up well vs the Spurs. I can see Draymond handling LaMarcus and KD torching everyone on the Spurs.

(3) Portland Trailblazers vs (6) New Orleans Pelicans - Pelicans in 7 - Anthony Davis is just better than everyone in this series, he might even win DPOY. I don't see any of the Blazers bigs running with him and be able to guard him. Dame and CJ are nice, but the Pelicans have Jrue and Rondo that can hold their own.

(4) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (5) Utah Jazz - Jazz in 6 - The Jazz been a top 4 team in the league since the new year. They are consistent, they have the runner-up in the ROY award, and possibly the DPOY. I don't see anyone other than Russ, PG, and Steven Adams showing up for the Thunder.

(1) Houston Rockets vs (5) Utah Jazz - Rockets in 6 - The Jazz have the roster, depth, and coaching to keep this series competive. Eric Gordon will be the guy that sets Houston apart, given that Utah don't have that player on their team.

(2) Golden State Warriors vs. (6) New Orleans Pelicans - Warriors in 6 - Steph Curry health is key in this series. If he's healthy from the start I believe they would sweep the Pelicans, but he won't be. This series will be tough sense the Warriors don't have an answer for AD, KD been bad in the clutch, and Jrue Holiday, Rondo, and Nikola have been playing out of their minds these past coulple games. But, Steph is expected to play at some point in the series.

(1) Houston Rockets vs (2) Golden State Warriors - Rockets in 6 - Chris Paul and James Harden wants the moment. I believe they will show up and out in this series. We probably won't see a 100% Steph, but the Rockets are just too good.


(1) Houston Rockets vs (4) Cleveland Cavs - Rockets in 6 - Rockets have the better roster, coach, and homecourt this series. The Cavs don't have a defense and don't have a bench. This could be a blow out, but I see LeBron winning them 2 games. Harden = Finals MVP.

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I see alot of upsets this

I see alot of upsets this year. 1st Round: Washington, Indiana, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Houston, OKC, NO, GS. 2nd Round: Washington, Philadelphia, OKC, GS. Finals GS over Washington.

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In the East, I can see

In the East, I can see Washington and Miami getting the first round upsets. Out West I can see NO beating Portland, but I can also see Lillard trying to prove a point and absolutely going OFF. Also, y'all are gonna think I'm crazy but as a native Houstonian I'm afraid the Rockets will crumble. I can easily see them overlooking the Wolves, losing a game at home, Harden resorting to his old ways and it all falling apart.

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Exciting Year

Raps>Wiz in 7, Cavs>Pacers in 5, Sixers>Heat in 4, C's>Bucks in 6

Cavs>Raps in 6, Sixers>C's in 5

Sixers>Cavs in 7

Rockets>Wolves in 5, Thunder>Jazz in 7, Pels>Blazers in 6, Warriors>Spurs in 4

Rockets>Thunder in 6, Warriors>Pels in 4

Warriors>Rockets in 6

Warriors>Sixers in 5

Crazy excited for the postseason, feels like we could finally seem potential shake-ups!

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Hate to jump the gun, but the

Hate to jump the gun, but the Pacers just put a whoopin' on the Cavs. If a LBJ-less team makes the Finals I'd be floored. If he gets bounced in the 1st round you can bet he's high tailing out of Cleveland.

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