NBA OffSeason/Salary Cap: You reap what you sow

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NBA OffSeason/Salary Cap: You reap what you sow

I almost feel bad saying this but I have to get it off my chest; the NBA Salary Cap for so many teams this off season is laughable. The amount of money given out to players that really didn't deserve it in the last few years has become laughable. Now most teams won't have much money to spend and have to rely on salary dumps, trades or internal development to improve. The free agent market isn't the end all be able but for teams trying to get over the hump it can be the biggest help most of the time.

It makes me question how these players got so over valued to the point where big money wasn't even given to big names anymore. I know his contract is over the newer variety but one of the biggest culprits is Otto Porter. The 17th highest paid player in the league this year. Damn good shooter, damn good defender but is he honestly the 17th best player in a league of 30 teams? As a max guy he's clearly third fiddle on his team. Chandler Parsons, Danilo Gallinari, Enes Kanter some how all make north of 20 mil. None of those guys even in prime condition should be a top 3 option on a championship team. I'm not going to get in to every contract on the list but it honestly makes me feel bad for some FA's on the market.

A lot of the top teams in the NBA created a bottle kneck situation for them. I don't feel as bad for the restricted guys coming off rookie contracts because a lot of them have been getting over paid for potential down the line the last few years. That market seemed to reset it self some last year.

The guys I'm feeling pain for are the Tyreke Evans of the world. Heck even Lou Williams for what he did this season is only getting 8 mil the next few season. For a bench player that seems reasonable but hes also become one of the most dynamic sixth man in the league. Guys like Tyreke Evans, Thaddeus Young, Brook Lopez have all been pretty decent over the years on bad teams (Evans only recently). They could definitely help some of these top tier teams try to separate from the pack. But at this point of their careers would they rather continue to get paid or have to say take a verterans min or an exception type contract to sneak on to a team like the Cavs or Raptors to try to win a title at this point?

I truly don't feel bad for GM's who limit their options like this while I don't agree that teams like the Lakers creating tons of cap space just to "potentially" sign big fish is a super wise cause either. Every year lately it seems like the Lakers strike out with this approach even though luckily they seem to slowly be building a solid young core. Ingram, Kuzma, Randle all solid young players would probably get kicked to the curb when its time to re-up them just in case a big fish maybe opts out during the same off season. Conversely,  I get what a team like the Miami Heat is trying to do to stay relevant but is 147 mil cap hold next year really worth at most a 2nd round playoff exit?

What do you guys think about these kinds of deals, free agent situations, etc? Is it painful to watch or do you honestly just find it laughable when teams just seem to do really dense things and back themselves in to a corner just to lead to being above average

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