NBA Lottery Mock Draft

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NBA Lottery Mock Draft

I usually enjoy playing around with Chad Fords mock draft to see what he changes in different scenarios.

I played it one time and basically had the Bobcats getting screwed once again. Played it about 20 more times after and didn't get anything else fun to happen.... but can you?

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my best

1. New Orleans-McLemore
2. Detroit-Porter
3. Cleveland-Noel
4. Orlando-Burke
5. Charlotte-Bennet
6. Phoenix-Oladipo
7. Sacramento-Muhammed
8. Washington-Len
9. Minnesota-McCollum
10. Portland-KCP
11. Philadelphia-Zeller
12. Oklahoma-MCW
13. Dallas-Saric
14. Utah-Olynyk

Charlotte and Orlando drop out of the top 3 but both pick up players that could really help them. Don't know why Wolves would go PG with KCP going right after their choice. It's also fun to think about a Russ and MCW backcourt.

I got the Raptors into the top 3 once and they chose Bennett 2nd overall after Noel, it might just be that he is Canadian, but I think he would be my choice too if the Raps were picking 2nd with Noel off the board.

After many tries, I finally got a top 3 that didn't include Charlotte, Orlando, or Cleveland. Here it is:

1. Phoenix- Noel
2. New Orleans- McLemore
3. Sacramento- Porter
4. Orlando- Burke
5. Charlotte- Bennett
6. Cleveland- Len
7. Detroit- Oladipo
8. Washington- Muhammed
9. Minnesota- McCollum
10. Portland-KCP
11. Philadelphia-Zeller
12. Oklahoma-MCW
13. Dallas-Saric
14. Utah-Olynyk

Thanks for the fun!

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I'm telling you guys, since

I'm telling you guys, since there is some major cloudiness as to the top prospects in this class, teams will reach for big, athletic specimens like Plumlee, Adams, and Giannis. I don't see a scenario where at least two, if not all three are in the lotto.

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jazz picking first

1.Jazz- Ben McLemore
2.Hornets- Otto Porter
3.Magic- Nerlens Noel
4.Bobcats- Anthony Bennett
5.Cavs- Alex Len
6.Suns- Victor Oladipo
7.Kings- Trey Burke
8.Pistons- Shabazz Muhammad
9.Wizards- Cody Zeller
10.Wolves- C.J. McCollum
11.Blazers- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
12.76ers- Gorgui Dieng
13.Thunder- Michael Carter-Williams
14.Mavs- Dario Saric

Jazz had the lowest chance to win (obviously) at 0.5% so pretty neat so see how the draft would play out (according to Ford) if the won.
Also interesting in this scenario is seeing Olynyk fall out of the lotto and Dieng going number 12 to the 76ers. Seems really high, last time I checked this site had Dieng at 24 to the Knicks.

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My second shot i got dallas

My second shot i got dallas who have a 0.6% having the 2nd pick ;/

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