NBA Draft: Is Shane Larkin a lottery pick?

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NBA Draft: Is Shane Larkin a lottery pick?

Lately I've been hearing that Larkin could be a lottery pick, do u think so? CBS has him going 14th to the jazz and also chad ford says he could sneak into the late lottery. Also a few other cites now him in the lottery. Do you see him going that high? A few months Ago that would of seemed laughable, now it could happen.

Do you think if given the chance he could start next season? What's his potential?

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I cannot see any team listing

I cannot see any team listing Larkin above Burke, Schroder, or McCollum. Mcw I'll rather have too, but I'll understand if a team thinks otherwise. With that said, I don't see 4 pgs being taken in the lottery.

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he reminds me more of ty

he reminds me more of ty Lawson than trey Burke. he's got elite quickness and can really shoot. I'd take him in the lottery but not ahead of Schroeder, McCollum or Burke.

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I think he fits the Jazz

I think he fits the Jazz system. So it's a possibility. But I don't see him going to any other team in the lottery.

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This is why I hate the

This is why I hate the combine..

Dude jumps a 40 inch vert, and suddenly he's a lottery pick

Dont get me wrong, i actually LOVE Shane, but since the end of the season, to the combine...nothing else about him has changed. If you thought he was a 'late first-rounder' in April...then he should still be a late first-rounder

Everyone knew already that he was very athletic, why does knowing the actual numbers potentially bolt a player up by almost 20 spots?

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Possibly, but I don't think so.

Larkin is definitely the PG prospect that definitely fits what the Jazz need. He can shoot well, is very fast, athletic, is a leader, can pass quite well, and I don't believe he has any character issues, and I think he would love playing for a small market team with the atmosphere that Utah has. Those are the things that Utah should be looking for when they draft this year. The last two, I know are what the Jazz are looking for in any prospect in any draft.

However just because he is a perfect fit for the Jazz at PG, does not mean he will go in the lottery to the Jazz. Remember the Jazz do have two picks in the first round of this draft. Larkin will certainly be available at 14, but it is also a possibility that he is still available at 21. I will go through all of the teams that pick before the Jazz do at 21 to prove that he could definitely still be available for them at 21. We already know he will definitely be available for them at 14, so I will not concern myself with the other 13 teams that are in the lottery, just the 6 teams (or actually 5, since the Hawks have two picks) that pick between 15 and 20.
15. The Bucks already have Jennings and Ellis who are developing nicely as guards for this team, and they have Reddick off the bench who is a solid sixth man. True, Jennings, Ellis, are free agents, but I believe either Schroeder or a SG (Pope, or Hardaway Jr.) will still be available at 15. I would rate all three of those players above Larkin.
16. The Celtics have Rondo, who is light years ahead of Larkin, and is still young. I believe the Celtics want to develop around Rondo once Pierce and KG retire. So they certainly don't need Larkin to do that. True, Rondo is recovering from a knee ending injury, but they already have Bradley who is developing quite nicely. He can step in at anytime Rondo gets hurt and play quite well, and when Rondo is healthy he can play as a strong 6th man or start alongside him at the two guard, so I don't think the Celtics will be targeting Larkin.
17. The Hawks already have a young point guard whom they believe in. (Teague) True, he is a restricted free agent this year, but seeing as the Hawks believe in him I have a hard time seeing the Hawks won't resign him. Therefore I don't believe the Hawks will pick Larkin at either 17 or 18.
19. The Cavs already have Irving who is light years ahead of Larkin, and still young. They also have other needs to address at SF and Center. So I don't think they will be looking at a PG until maybe the early second round or free agency.
20. The Bulls have Rose, who will return from injury and play the entire season next year. They also have Heinrich who is a strong backup to Rose. And they just drafted Marquis Teague last year, so I don't think they will draft another point guard back to back. Unless they decide to do something similar to what the Wolves did in 2009, but that is highly unlikely.

So, Larkin could still be available at 21. The only team that has reason to select Larkin before the Jazz do is the Bucks. But that's only if Schroeder is off the table. So I think the only reason that the Jazz should select Larkin at 14, is if Schroeder is already gone by that pick. The order of point guards in the lottery is definitely this: Burke, MCW, McCollum (these two are interchangeable to me), Schroeder, and lastly Larkin. I don't see 5 PG's going in the lottery, I do however see 4 as a slight possibility if a team in the lottery desperately wants a PG and Schroeder is the best available at where they are slated to pick. I don't think the Jazz should go for Schroeder for various reasons that I will not state at this time, but I am willing to if needed. I do however think that Schroeder will still be available for the Bucks at 15, and they would definitely take him ahead of Larkin. So no I don't think will be a lottery pick, but I do think he could be if the Jazz see that Schroeder has already been taken, and so have McCollum, and Burke. MCW does not fit their current team need. He also has character issues, so I am not even considering him at 14 or 21 for the Jazz.

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I see him as a more athletic

I see him as a more athletic DJ Augustine, who happened to go in the lottery but no Larkin will not.

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I have him going to the Cavs

I have him going to the Cavs I think he would be a perfect back up PG for Irving. Boobie and Livingston are free agents

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He's undersized, but so is Ty

He's undersized, but so is Ty Lawson, JJ Barea, and Nate Robinson. He's very athletic and skilled. I'd take him in the first round, maybe in the late twenties.

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