NBA Draft 2020 Underdogs

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NBA Draft 2020 Underdogs

Xavier Tillman - Very productive and efficient player (OBPM- 6,4 DBPM- 8,7 TS% 65). He can defend inside the paint and even in the perimeter, being able to defend P&R, he is an excellent shot blocker and can disrupt passing lanes. Really good motor, high level rebounding, runs the floor well, very strong, good wingspan and athletic ability. In offense, he can set good screens, has high IQ, pass tge ball well and can get buckets thanks to ofensive rebounds. Good intangibles and competitiveness. Comparison: Draymond Green/ Pascal Siakam

CJ Elleby - Good 3PT shooter. Excellent rebounder for position. Good athletic ability, although he needs to gain weight and get stronger. He can handle the ball and has good court vision. Comparison: Justise Winslow

Isaiah Joe - Excellent 3PT shooter, probably the best in college basketball in the last years. Can shoot the ball on the dribble, catch and shot and has excellent movement without the ball and high IQ. Comparison: JJ Reddick

What do you think about them? Do you think they can make it to the NBA? Have you better comparisons for them? How much upside do you think they have?

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nice post

nice post with some interesting names.

i thought tillman looked like a more athletic version of omari spellman. high floor, low ceiling - late 1st prospect. if he gets a bigger role, maybe draymond green comp is within reach. i have a hard time comping him to siakam though. siakam was a freaking beast in college and now in nba.

elleby reminds me of a lefty josh childress in looks and play. smooth player that plays slower than he actually is. think ability to defend and consistency will be his downfall. not sure if he can get in the 1st or not.

joe is an interesting player. i actually thought he was more like a malik beasley than jj redick. it seemed like joe got most of his shots in transition and less in off-ball screens like redick. his stroke is pure and in this day and age, it's a skillset that many want. if he gets more volume and can show he can score in other ways, he is a darkhorse.

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Let’s see how CJ does playing

Let’s see how CJ does playing nerd ba

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Isaiah Joe

Were his parents Bad Boys fans?

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Haven’t seen a ton of Elleby

Haven’t seen a ton of Elleby or joe but they both clearly need to get stronger. Joe is currently listed at 6-5 167 lbs. He’ll get eaten alive by nba wings at that size.

Tillman really came on strong last season, especially in the tournament. He has an nba body and showcases some ability to be able to switch onto smaller players and hang. His offensive game isn’t very refined but he mostly stays in his lane and sticks to what he does best. He has shown some ability to step out on the floor and hit mid-range shots. I think he’ll need to work on continuing to expand his range to make an impact at the next level.

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