NBA Clutch Performers

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NBA Clutch Performers

4th quarter, three minutes or less left with the margin at 5 points or less

Kyrie Irving: 26-48, 54.2%
Ray Allen: 10-21, 47.6%
Tony Parker: 11-24, 45.8%
LeBron James: 15-33, 45.5%
Kobe Bryant: 39-91, 42.9 percent
Dwyane Wade: 8-19, 42.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge: 12-29, 41.4%
Carmelo Anthony: 11-27, 40.7%
Kevin Durant: 14-35, 40%
Chris Paul: 9-24, 37.5%
Joe Johnson: 7-20, 35%
Stephen Curry: 7-20, 35%
Paul Pierce: 9-28, 32.1%
Russell Westbrook: 4-21, 19%

Mother of god Kobe.

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Seems as if

LeBron is more willing to take that shot now ever since last year. Then again its no surprise seeing as how he used to take those shots all the time back in his Cleveland days. Kobe's taken 91 of those, holy jesus. Not bad though considering he's nailed 39 of them. As for the one I'm most impressed with? Kyrie Irving, what a brilliant start to his career coming up big when his team needs it most.

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"Thes young kids don't

"Thes young kids don't practice the fundamentals"-Uncle Drew.

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Pretty impressive from

Pretty impressive from Kyrie...Its much harder to make shots late in these game not only cause of pressure but the Defensive intensity picks up as well...He has a 7% increase here from his season average...


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Haha of course Kobe has

Haha of course Kobe has almost double the attempts of the next highest guy...

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Ouch @ Westbrook, very

Ouch @ Westbrook, very interesting statline here!

Kyrie is a baller! Maybe the most interesting player to watch right now. Can dominate a game at will any time. His OKC killing game was HUGE and maybe his real coming out party. Love this kid!

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couple things

Kyrie is killing it! Kobe is shooting 42% on a high volume, maybe he should pass more it seemed to work. Speaking of passing you should now do assists!! Its as good as a bucket

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Where's David West?

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Someone needs to

Someone needs to show these stats to Skip Bayless regarding LeBron

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surprised melo took only 27

surprised melo took only 27 shots

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"three minutes or less left

"three minutes or less left with the margin at 5 points or less"

I don't like this... It's too wide. I mean, THREE minutes and FIVE points? And is it five points down or five points up? IF it's five points up, how in the hell is that a clutch basket?

This is why I can't stand these clutch stats... I'd like to see it narrowed down and broken up into different categories. How about 1 minute or less... 30 secs or less. How about walk off shots attempted and made? Then break it down to were you tied or down one or two? I'd like to see free-throws attempted and made with 1 minute or less... 30 secs or less.

I just feel like these "clutch" stats aren't that clutch. Like they aren't giving me a true indication of who's clutch or not.

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2 things

Kobe's attempts it's not a surprise and Kyrie Irving being first is already expected he was 1st last season too and he was a ROOKIE, the guy have ice in his veins and amazing offensive tools, Lebron was already clutch even when he was in Cleveland but the thing i like Lebron the most in the clutch is... he will find a way to make a good play to give the win to the team first and shoot second if it's really necessary, and that's why Ray Allen is second this year

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