NBA Basketball: Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard?

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NBA Basketball: Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard?

Will Damian Lillard have a better a rookie season than Kyrie Irving? Could he be a good as Irving? Not now but in a few years? Who do you see being the better scorer in a few years? Irving will probably make the all star before him despite playing in a much better conference for point guards( rose, rondo, d-will, wall, jennings) while lillard will probably have to compete with Curry and Lawson to get that last all star spot for the next couple years.

Do you see anything in Lillards game that he does better than Irving? what are both of there cielings?

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Lillard already has a better

Lillard already has a better team around him, so his assist numbers will be better than Irving's in his rookie season. 6.5-7 is a reasonable range for Lillard. He's a better pick-and-roll player with the ball in his hands and his athleticism is quiet, but deadly. They both have high cielings, but I think Irving's is a tad bit higher, for he is younger and doesn't have the team that Lillard has.

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Lillard is in a great

Lillard is in a great situation to succeed and I can see him leading that Trailblazers squad to the playoffs. He's in a similar situation like D Rose in that he got drafted into a fairly decent team.

Kyrie on the other hand doesn't have ANY proven scorers he can pass to. Kyrie is also a couple years younger.

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ill take irving. very similar

ill take irving.

very similar rookie seasons... but kyrie did it at 19yo, lillard will do it at 22yo.. can see lillard getting 18-6-3 this year

also similar in play style as scoring PGs... both lock for a 20-6-3 future.

kyrie has the higher ceiling considering he is younger and has one of the best handles in the nba.

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Good question ... I think

Good question ...

I think Irving is more a pass first guard (though his assists numbers weren´t crazy in his rookie season), Lillard is morer a dynamic scorer. So I don´t think you can compare them. If I had to choose one of them I would choose Irving because he is younger and a Kevin Durant type of leader.

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