NBA 2k14

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NBA 2k14

Being an avid sports game fan, around this time of year (post draft) I like to think about how I'll play association and which players I'd like to try and make a team out of, particularly those from the new draft class, and the last two to three previous ones.

Last year I sued the Cavs as Irving's a lot of fun to play with. I traded to get Drummond, Wroten (fun back-up) Taj Gibson and Moe Harkless, then got 'Melo in free-agency.

I like to try and keep it relatively realistic (no more than 2-3 first rounders from the same class, no more than two 'top-3' picks from recent classes) otherwise the illusion is kind of ruined for me (a bit weird, I know). often I'll put quite a bit of effort into finding and editing a decent draft-class off 2k share for the coming draft as well, or maybe even go through a couple of associations out of boredom to try out different guys (I had a Hornets one to try Davis once his overall really gets up there).

Just curious to see if any other games are looking forward to trying the new rookies and who they'll go with. I'm tempted to do:
Cavs again - Bennett
Wizards - Wall, Porter
Philly - MCW, Nerlens
Magic - Oladipo, Harris

Beyond that I'll trade (within reason) for the like of Burke, Shabazz, Drummond

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I like going with the

I like going with the Bobcats. They've been such a mess the last few years, it's fun to build them back up.

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I also enjoy trying to clean

I also enjoy trying to clean up messed up teams. I played as the Washington Wizards the last few years and made them NBA champions.

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I try the kings McLemore and

I try the kings McLemore and Cousins

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I always like getting Favors.

I always like getting Favors. He always turns into a stud after a year or two. Im really glad he is going to get a chance to show out in Utah along with Kanter this year with Jefferson and Millsap on the way out. Always been super high on the dude, he's got crazy potential, he is still only 21

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I usually start a franchise

I usually start a franchise with the Raptors and blow it up and build it back! Last year the only guys that I decided against trading were Jonas and Ross.

Loved the warriors in last years game but they are just fun to play with same with the Cavs for me!

Pelicans are a squad I'm looking forward to playing with!

A couple rookies will be fun like Shabazz and Olynyk and Larkin

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So excited for 2k14

I'm a franchise kind of guy as well and I think very similarly to you, Young Blood (lol). I like to have a team of mostly young guys, which is 27 and younger for me. The most attractive players are the ones from the most recent draft classes, but I try now to stack up with too many of them -- maybe two at the most. I'll probably start with my hometown Celtics!!

I'm definitely looking to add Oladipo to the mix. I'm also interested to see how they'll upgrade guys who improved last year like Jimmy Butler and Jeff Green.

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I also love to play with

I also love to play with garbage teams and build them up. I played as the Hornets. I traded away everybody but Davis. I got Lillard (PG from Blazers) for Rivers, Henry, and 2014 1st round pick. I got Howard to play C in FA so I moved Davis back to PF. Won 3 straight championships with Lillard, Davis, and Howard as my big three. Can't wait for this years game to come out. I'm going to go with the 76ers. Noel and MCW will be a very bright future.

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I'm suprised to see so many Association players on here

We should try to start a league online, I've got both systems (Ps3 and Xbox360) but I prefer the Xbox...

Anyway I love playing Virtual GM/Head coach and I usually use all 30 NBA teams so there's no funny business involved (Like trading Lilliard for Rivers and a 1st round pick) I usually simulate most games and play with my hometown 76ers of course...

In 2013, Jrue Holiday was a beast and Turner is virtually unstoppable driving to the basket and posting up, he also develops a 3 pointer without much help from the user...

This year I'm interested in seeing how they rate most of the young players, I think we'll see a lot of 65 overalls in this class...

This year I'm going with Philly (MCW, Evan Turner, Big Royce, Noel and Wiggins or Parker in 2014???) and New Orleans (Jrue, Egor and Unibrow...Wow!!!)

BTW Watch up for Philadelphia in next years free agency, they have Cap space for 2 Max players and Turner's bird rights (I can see them getting Brandon Jennings and DMC plus adding Wiggins/Parker or Randle in the draft)

Jennings(FA)-Turner-Wiggins or Parker(2014 Draft)-Noel-Cousins(RFA)-MCW-White-Moultrie...That's my game plan...

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I agree with the league idea.

I agree with the league idea. I'd love to join one. I have both PS3 and XBox 360. I prefer 360 as well. Maybe one of us can start a league when 2K14 comes out.

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I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to playing with the Pelicans when I thought Noel was going there. A Davis-Noel frontcourt would've been scary defensively and Davis is a monster after the first year or 2. Even now, they'll be fun to play as. The first team I'll probably start an Association with will be either the Wizards, Pelicans, Magic, or Cavs.

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A league would be dope. why

A league would be dope. why doesn't this idea have more steam.

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Boston for me and I'll make

Boston for me and I'll make sure to acquire the picks they have in real life

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I'll set up a league when

I'll set up a league when 2K14 comes out. Only if I can be the Kings.

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I can't wait to play with the jazz. So excited to build around the starting five of Burke burks Hayward favors and kanter. Maybe I will download the 2014 draft class so I can pick up Jabari and just add veterans to the bench.

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