Nassir Little, wanna hear your thoughts

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Nassir Little, wanna hear your thoughts

I saw on twitter that ESPN has Nassir Little up at #3 in their most recent mock draft.

I myself have him in that 7-11 range

For those that would take him with a top 3 pick in this draft, I'd love to hear your reasoning to what makes him a standout, top 3 prospect in this draft class.

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I think it's more due to the

I think it's more due to the fact that it's a very very weak draft than anything else. Once you go past maybe Duke's big three, there's not really a standout guy out there. We always knew Little would struggle in UNC's system which doesn't really favour one-and-dones.

Whenever you have an athletic 5-star freshman wing with that type of size, motor and potential, he's bound to ignite some excitement. That said, he still has a long way to go in terms of sheer skill development, ball handling, shooting, decision making, awareness are all areas that he needs to work on.

In a normal draft I would slot him right at the and of lottery, but I could see him go 5-7 this year based purely on potential/lack of other available options.

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+1. These are my thoughts as

+1. These are my thoughts as well. That second tier of players is still shaping itself. the 4-13 picks arent really established in this draft. I hate calling drafts weak though because players are going to get drafted and developed into teams systems but in comparison to the last few years of drafts there seems to be that missing tier.

With Bol Bol and Garland's injuries I see very little difference from picking 4th all the way down to 15th, 16th as of now but that should change. If it dorsnt theres gonna be some very upset tanking teams. This truly justifies teams like Sacramento or Dallas trading their picks in advance and teams like Miami, Washington, Brooklyn deciding not to tank.
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This draft is not that weak

and I think many players could turn into solid starters, even players from the mid/last first round. Now the SF is not that deep in star potential players with Barrett and the disappointing Reddish and below players like Hachimura, Okpala, Hunter, Bradzeikis who are raising questions.

Little is between these two groups as he fits the position physically and athletically but like Reddish, even if he's not in the perfect position, has not been able to use his limited playing time to shut down critics. He's averaging only 21% from three and had bad games against four of UNC' s five ranked opponents.

The pre draft workouts will be decisive for him to show he can shoot the ball. I have him in the 9-12 range depending on who drafts here and teams' needs.

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I also believe he's going to

I also believe he's going to move up and end high lottery in the upcoming draft, not a good draft and with his two way talent and toughness it would be enough, could become Caron Butler type player...

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There are a fair number of

There are a fair number of swingmen in the current lottery draft mocks so as always teams looking for a draftee in that position is likely to work them all out so a lot will depend on who performs well, it only needs one GM to like you.

I'd say Little has a good chance to go inside the top 10 but top 3 is a big push at this moment.

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I have Little currently in

I have Little currently in the 10-15 range. I think he may be a late bloomer in the mold of Kawhi Leonard and that could be his upside if he can become more consistent and improve his jumper like Kawhi did once he got into the NBA.

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20-25 range. The draft looks

20-25 range. The draft looks great at the top. And loaded with guys who would be solid/good/great picks in the 5-15 range. Question is, who fills out the top 5 behind Zion/RJ. Reddish just showed up today -- probably a top 5 consolation prize.

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Would need to seem him in

Would need to seem him in draft workouts going against other players..UNC hold players back from showing indvidual talents..One and dones should NEVER go to UNC.

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apart from the occasional big man I doubt they will see any more highly touted wings for a while. Pinson was the last one before him and that didnt work out too well( he may have been overated tho).

Its a shame too. In the scheme of things though they are successful and win chips every so often

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Who was the last player to go

Who was the last player to go to UNC, failed to impress, and then burst out in the NBA?

Nassir Little is not playing well, especially against the better teams. It is ok. It isn't career-ending. It doesn't mean he lacks potential or upside. Just about every NBA team has a guy (or more) in their rotation who were middling to lousy as a freshman. It just means they have a lot of work to do.

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