My early mock draft, tried to go by team needs

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My early mock draft, tried to go by team needs

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Pretty good

It's certainly not bad at all, i'd give you a +1 for that.

Only things i'd point out:
Tony Mitchell is too high, he's not going in the lottery. Best case scenario for him, late first round.

Also, I thnk CJ Mccollum and Steven Adams are a tad low. Otherwise then that it's pretty good.

I've certainly been adjusting my picks a little more this year for team need then in years past, when I was a fan of taking the best player available. Namely because there isn't as big a difference between some of the player tiers, there's more incentive to draft a player that fits since there likely won't be any franchise changing players anyways (or at least, not many).

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Mason plumlee!!!

Are you seriously thinking this guy is worth the 10th pick even if you're going by need??

And adetukunbo, will go higher just because the the celtics won't pass on him.

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Couple thoughts

1) I agree that Noel isn't worth a top 3 pick, but I just don't see Porter and Burke going ahead of him in any scenario just because he's considered to have such a high upside (some are considering him for the first pick). If you're going by need, your mock is good, but in a weak draft like this I think teams will opt for highest potential or best available.

2) I'm not high on MCW either, but I don't think he'll fall to 14.

3) Also agree with jhbm24 that Adetokoubo won't fall to 29.

4) Your second round is pretty good. To nitpick, I don't think Kelly or Cooley will get drafted, but other than that, it looks good.

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Not bad but I don't see in

Not bad but I don't see in any circumstance how Tony Mitchell goes #12

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Noel probably goes in the top

Noel probably goes in the top three, Plumlee and Mitchell are way too high, and I still think Goodwin makes his way into at least the mid first round. Other than that its one of the better mocks I've seen for sure.

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Not bad

I can't see Noel dropping that much, I doubt Zeller will go that high, and NO WAY Plumlee goes in the top 10. I really hope the Thunder get Adetokoubo that late... but it probably won't happen. This is draft is looking worse and worse to me... I really hope some of these players suprise us.

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Looks good...

Anything can happen in this draft, I think McLemore and Noel are a lock for the first two picks. The rest is wide open, too early to predict what will go down right now in my opinion, pre-draft workouts will change alot, mark my words. The only lock is the Pacers will pick Mason Plumlee at 23 and they might trade up to snatch Cody Zeller as well. ;)

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