Most impressive March

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Most impressive March

Kyle Lowry 19.9Pts 5.5Reb 8.5Ast 1.2Stl 48%FG 2.8 3's 41% 85%FT

Marcus Thornton 22.7Pts 4.9Reb 3.6Ast 1.7Stl 47%FG 2.5 3's 44% 83%FT

Tyler Hansbrough 17.4Pts 7.4Reb 1Stl 50%FG 75%FT

JaVale McGee 13.3Pts 10.3Reb 3.1Blk 57%FG 63%FT

Marcin Gortat 15.7Pts 10.9Reb 2.1Blk 57%FG 76%FT

Serge Ibaka 11.7Pts 9.1Reb 3.5Blk 52%FG 69%FT

Ty Lawson 16Pts 3.6Reb 7.8Ast 1.7Stl 52%FG 1.3 3's 41% 87%FT (1.8TO)

Kris Humphries 14.2Pts 14.9Reb 1.8Blk 53%FG 64%FT

Jodie Meeks 14.5Pts 3.4Reb 1.2Stl 51%FG 2.9 3's 46% 94%FT

Tony Douglass 14Pts 3.3Reb 4.9Ast 45%FG 2.7 3's 43% 79%FT

Who impressed you the most?

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Serge Ibaka him and Perkins are goin to be a monster frontcourt and Serge scoring,rebounding, and blocking make them a dangerous team

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Tyler Hansbrough

Tyler Hansbrough, about time that lottery pick rounded into form, now I see why the Pacers used a lottery pick on him. All of the other ones I kind of expected considering all of the trades that happened around the trade deadline. New starters, and others have to pick up the slack for those players that left.

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Tough choice for me but Lowry

Tough choice for me but Lowry is starting to look real legit instead of just a solid backup like he supposed to be this year and he has done it with consistency. He is also good in every single statisical category (for a point guard especially)

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Kris Kardashian. :)

Kris Kardashian. :)

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VCU had the most impressive

VCU had the most impressive march. just sayin'

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wasnt there a big debate on

wasnt there a big debate on here early in the season about what kind of stats marcin gortat could average if he was a starter and a bunch of people were saying he was not anywhere close to being a double double kind of guy? I remeber saying he could get like 14 and 10 and some people agreed and bunch said no way.

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