More impressive win?

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More impressive win?

Brooklyn Nets absolutely dominated the Chicago Bulls and played their game. Obviously playing without Joakim Noah is difficult for Chicago to really have a chance but he's trying to play through plantar fasciitis, this is where they really miss Omer Asik.

But I don't think anybody really thought Chicago would be completely and utterly dominated from the start. They're a strong defensive team that plays extremely hard and were completely out-skilled and out-played, the latter which rarely happens.


Now we look at the other side; the Clippers blow-up in the 4th quarter of a seemingly grind-it-out game against Memphis. Not only did the Clippers out-play the Grizzlies but they also out-defended them.

Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol ended the game with a combined total of 29pts, 6rebs. Eric Bledsoe alone had 15p-6r in only 18 minutes.

I'm sure it was a common thought that this series would probably be the closest.

Which win was more impressive?

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Well first I think that Bulls-Nets looks like a sweep or a 5 game series at best, especially since Noah is basically limping on the court.. On the other hand Deron Williams looks healthy now (reverse dunk was nice) and is playing like a top 5 PG in the league.

As for the Clippers-Grizzlies game, I've heard alot of people say that they lost because Gasol and Randolph had off nights (combined for 29 pts and 6 rebounds), but The Clippers bigs were playing worse, Griffin-Jordan-Odom-Turiaf-Hollins were combined for 24 points and 23 rebounds lol. Memphis has no perimeter game what so ever besides Bayless who can occasionally light it up and sometiem Conley.. I expect bigs of both teams to show up next game, but the results to be the same.. I dont see how this goes to 7 game.

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