More dollars than sense

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More dollars than sense

John Wall - 189

Andrew Wiggins - 148

Chris Paul - 160

Gordon Hayward - 98

Ryan Anderson - 61

Gorgui Dieng - 48

That's the rough figure, in millions of dollars, each of these players is owed on their contracts.

It's about $700 million USD for these 6 guys.

Could give 700,000 starving kids $1000 each. Not that i think they will or should, just saying these 6 guys could if they wanted, they're already rich AF... and someone is cutting these motherfxckers those checks!

Sorry, just logged on after a highly charged smackdown of a vegan, I felt like pointing fingers.

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What really, really

What really, really frustrated me about the whole trading saga - These owner pay these guys big contracts for 4 or 5 years, then after a season or two just want to get rid of them. Well even less than that, Phoenix gave Ariza big money, then he didn't even last half a season !!! Clippers trade their franchise player in Blake Griffin for Tobias Harris, then get rid of Tobias after about one season.

There are so many bad contracts, rich owners just don't seem to care and these sports agents are actually outsmarting these rich owners !!

The Luol Deng and Mozgov contracts are probably some of the worst contracts I have ever seen...

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Yeah but those guys like

Yeah but those guys like Ariza were always signed to be traded. They defenitely agreed to that at the time of his signing, give him max minutes so he could improve his stock and they could eventually trade him. Plus he got paid. Its an easy way for those teams to acquire assets. You got $30 Mil in cap space you gotta find a way to make that a positive longterm.

The Mosgov contracts have gotta be some behind the scenes workings going on. I know for a fact that the 1st time he got paid out it was because the NBA made a minimum salary threshold every team had to be over. So lots of guys were getting paid out just so teams could remain under the cap while still being able to tank.

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bill cooper

conspiracy extremist bill cooper would counter that we pay athletes this much to distract us from what is happing in the real world outside of sports.

i prefer to stay in the world of sports however.

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I use to think GM's,

I use to think GM's, baskeball people, etc. where smart AF..but I got old and realize these guys aren't that smart and got lucky to get there job. No way in hell I would give CP3 that much money at his age and being injured prone. Mozgov, Deng and Dieng contracts has to be some of the worst..I remember back in the day the Knicks paid some fat center name James from the Sonics a crap ton of money cuz he played two good games in a playoff series against the Spurs..

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Tyler Johnson 4 years 50 mill

Tyler Johnson 4 years 50 mill

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Solomon Hill 4 years $48

Solomon Hill 4 years $48 million. Guaranteed.

Ian Mahinmi 4 years $64 million. Guaranteed.

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