Mooch's Mock Draft 2.0

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Mooch's Mock Draft 2.0

I'm having a hell of a time trying to get the order to make sense...I've got a few guys falling slightly here and there, but it's bound to happen to someone and there is a lot of talk about other guys rising right now. Second round is more of a rough ranking, while the first is done somewhat according to team need. I'm trying to keep up with all the rumors, but if any feedback or information that yall have heard would be appreciated...thanks!

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It looks really good to me. I

It looks really good to me. I don't have any major complaints. I would be somewhat surprised to see Detroit take Bennett because I think he is much more of a 4 than 3. He is the BPA in that scenario but I could see them taking KCP or another guard over Bennett if he is even available at that point. This is as difficult as any year I can remember especially as far as the lottery goes.

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Nice mock but the Kings are

Nice mock but the Kings are not going to take MCW. He had a disappointing workout with them and Malone preferred Mccollum of the two.

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