Mock Draft Version 1.0

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Mock Draft Version 1.0

1. Cleveland - SG Ben McLemore
At the end of the day this kid is flat out the best player in this draft. Nerlens is too much of a question mark and Otto Porter is getting too much buzz for the 1st pick. Ben is the a fantastic shooter and a three guard rotation of Kyrie, Waiters, and Ben just sounds to good at the end of the day.
2. Orlando - SG Victor Oladipo
The Magic need a star and Oladipo fills a need for this young Magic team. If they can trade Afflalo and the 35 pick for Eric Bledsoe then a starting line up of Bledsoe, Oladipo, 2014 1st rd pick , Harris, and Vucevic looks good in a couple years.
3. Washington - C Nerlens Noel
Noel has the most upside of any prospect in this draft and would look good next to John Wall in DC. Porter would be a good choice but at the end of the day Noel's upside at this point should win out.
4. Charlotte - PF Cody Zeller
Zeller has been nitpicked as a prospect and I feel he's is being severely underrated in many mocks. A big man rotation of Zeller, Biyombo, and Mullens doesn't sound bad and then they can get Wiggins next year and start the ascension from the bottom.
5. Phoenix - PF Anthony Bennett
Bennett is filled with potential and even though he is similar to some of the other players on their team their team needs a full rebuild so might as well go with a high upside scorer like Bennett.
6. New Orleans - C Alex Len
Davis isn't a Center and Len provides a very nice compliment next to Davis in the post. He isn't the most polished product but this rebuild in Nee Orleans isn't going to happen overnight.
7, Sacramento - SF Otto Porter
Porter is an excellent fit for the Kings and can really compliment the players they have been trying to develop. He will slide right in without taking the shots away from the "superstars" within this team.
8. Detroit - PG Trey Burke
This really isn't a fall for Burke he goes right in the range he would in a more loaded draft and he is picked up by an up and coming team here in Detroit. Burke and Knight backcourt would be an effective duo.
9. Minnesota - SG CJ McCollum
McCollum next to Rubio is a great backcourt and really opens up the floor for this team. Has potential for ROY and could help Minny make some noise in the playoffs next year.
10. Portland - C Kelly Olynk
A Center duo of Olynk and Meyers is a solid building point for the future. Compliments the team really well and will stretch the floor for Lillards playmaking.
11. Philadelphia - SG Kentavious Caldwell Pope
Caldwell Pope compliments Jrue Hollday and Evan Turner really well. The 76ers can be a playoff team they just need to be consistent and get a solid big man.
12. Oklahoma City - PG Michael Carter Williams
Gives OKC another ballhandler and someone who can create for Westbrook and Durant.
13. Dallas - SF Shabazz Muhammad
Cuban will take gambles on when it come to his franchise and Shabazz still has some star qualities about his game that I think could be taken advantage of in Dallas.
14. Utah - PG Shane Larkin
Shane fits Utah perfectly and helps with their outside shooting woes. Can really be the leader that they need at the point to help get their young players a direction towards winning ways.
15. Milwaukee - C Steven Adams
Adams allows Larey Sanders to slide over to his natural position of PF and also helps on the rebounding department bringing much needed size.
16. Boston - SF Giannis Adetoukoumbo
Danny Ainge loves this kids game and I believe he can possibly be one of the 10 best players from this draft.
17. Atlanta - PF Mason Plumlee
Plumlee is a high energy player who is going to help Hoford on the glass.
18. Atlanta - PG Dennis Schroeder
They don't need a PG with Jeff Teague their but Schroader could be special and he can learn behind Teague for a few years before taking over the starting gig.
19. Cleveland - C Loucas "Bebe" Nougeria
He isn't the prospect Noel is but he isn't no slouch either. Bebe can be a solid player down the road and can be a rim protector and shot blocker this team could use.
20. Chicago - SG Glen Rice Jr.
He has proven he can score at a level of ball that's tougher than college and he can be a shot creator on the wing that Bulls could use off the bench.
21. Utah - SF/PF Tony Mitchell
Utah doesn't have that athletic attacking wing that most teams have. He can also guard the other teams best players with his physical gifts.
22. Brooklyn - PG Myck Kabongo
Some might think this is a reach but with Deron Williams not getting any younger and Kidd most likely going to be on the staff in some way Kabongo fills a need.
23. Indiana - SG Tony Snell
Snell can be that 3 and D player every team likes to have and fits in with this teams tough mentality.
24. New York - C Rudy Gobert
I personally feel Gobert could develop into what Hibbert is developing into with the Pacers. The kid will learn behind Tyson Chandler for a few years as well and you can't teach size.
25. Los Angeles Clippers - SG Archie Goodwin
Goodwin isn't a finished product but the Clippers don't really need to throw him into the rotation right away and he could develop into a high volume wing scorer.
26. Minnesota - SF Sergey Kerasev
A young draft and stash prospect that has a exceptional shooting touch and fills a need as a long distance sniper.
27. Denver - PF CJ Leslie
An elite athlete and they've gotten the most out of Faires why not try and hit the jackpot twice?
28. San Antonio - PF Mike Muscala
The Spurs always make that one pick every few years that we all look back on and say we should have knew.
29. Oklahoma City - SF/PF Livio Jean Charles
A high energy rebounding tweener forward that can push Durant in practice everyday.
30. Phoenix - SG Allen Crabbe
A shooter that you can't count on to come off the bench and get quick buckets.

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You can count on *, see

You can count on *, see Phoenix pick.

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Good mock, but...Otto Porter

Good mock, but...Otto Porter seventh? Really??

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I know, I know he probably

I know, I know he probably won't fall that far I just think the reasons I gave for the other teams drafting their guys outweighed takig Poter with picks 1-6.

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Trey Burke

It's starting to look more and more like Burke falling to the Pistons. With Len jumping up, someone has to fall.

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Two great players falling in

Two great players falling in their lap back to back years. Doesn't get much better than that.

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This mock doesn't match your

This mock doesn't match your profile mock

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I don't know how to do it

I don't know how to do it that way, that's actually Arans mock

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I would think the Bucks have

I would think the Bucks have to be looking for backcourt help at #15 with Ellis/Jennings/Redick all hitting free agency this summer. And I'm not sure why Phoenix would take Bennett when they already have Scola, Beasley, and both Morris brothers on their roster.

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Sanders was the best

Sanders was the best defensive center in the NBA statistically. Low FG% and least points allowed in the paint.

He's 6"11 and has good size for a center. He doesn't need to be moved to PF, since Bucks already have a PF from Turkey they paid big bucks to.

Bucks need the best player available.

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