Mock Draft 1.0

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Mock Draft 1.0

I know it's probably to early to be doing a mock draft but wanted to give it a shot. Here's my first Mock Draft.

Comments/Suggestions are welcomed.

Chilbert arenas
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It's not likely that Zeller

It's not likely that Zeller goes #1 anymore
Hornets wouldn't take Noel after already having Davis
WCS shouldn't be taken top 10, but it is possible

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If Trey Burke and Victor

If Trey Burke and Victor Oladipo both go that low and James McAdoo goes that high, I would be shocked

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Nerlens won't drop out of the

Nerlens won't drop out of the Top 5 and there is no way that Cauley-Stein gets taken in the top ten. His performance against Tennessee was hard to watch. He's not even close to being NBA ready. He might go late first round if he comes out but not top 10.

The pair of NC State guys won't slip to the second round. Too much potential not to take a flier on them both late in the first round.

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