Mo > Mike

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Mo > Mike

You heard it here first!!!!! Mo Wagner will be a difference maker in this league. Lakers brass would rather play muscala....WHY?!!? Mo is a proven winner. I’m starting to side with Lavar here....let’s get Brian Shaw in there.

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Muscala is not good. He is a

Muscala is not good. He is a stretch 4 that can't shoot all that well. Luke Walton won't be their coach much longer.

LeBron looks like he is resting up for the all star game.

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Celtics will be offering more

Celtics will be offering more picks, that are likely end up higher too.
Tatum is 3 years younger, if they think he is the best talent of both packages it makes the Boston package just better
Ball don't want to be there and his dad will cause problems, Ingram is eligible for renewal and will start costing big money soon, if you don't rate him high his value isn't as big as you thing for a team starting from the scratch.
It is good for the Lakers that Kuzma is looking like a future star, happy for the kid too. But I don't agree with the point that Pelicans are wrong to wait for Tatum and Celtics offer.

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Walton? Fire Magic and

Walton? Fire Magic and Pelinka. Two non-players are have promise: Luke Walton and Jessie West.

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what do you guys don't understand about the fact that AD would be a rental for Boston and Ainge won't give up Tatum.. So the Lakers package will end up being the best thing they could have had. Also strong chances Kyrie leaves this summer..

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Thank You

Danny Ainge is not offering Tatum. He told the Pelicans to hold off with no promises of even talking about Tatum. He hit Demps with the just wait and we'll talk line. I think after Ainge pump fakes in the offseason and the Pelicans get over being petty AD will end up on the Lakers for a worse deal than was offered before, meaning they end up having to keep Solomon Hill.

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