mike rosario

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mike rosario

do you think that Mike Rosario # 3 at rutgers will be good enough to go pro? considering douby did it!!!

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Why Not?

If he can develop some point guard skills he can certainly find a niche as a role player at the next level. So yeah, he is a lot like Douby as a prospect.

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Give him time to Progress

I believe the Douby comparison is far for right now...He had a solid game against UNC... if he stays at least 3 of the 4 years he can become a deadly player. Put up his numbers an have a solid freshman campaign, an have a solid team hell be right. As the team gets better they will snag better recruits throughout the Tri-State area a build a nice team. Mike Rosario @ the moment is more in the mode of Former Scarlet Knight an Big East First Teamer Ricky Shields. He is a mix between Shields/Douby

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