Mike Rice Abusing Players

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Mike Rice Abusing Players

Have ya'll seen the video of Mike Rice? He was suspended earlier this year for 3 games and fined $50,000 for it. But i truly believe after seeing the video he probably will never get a coaching job in rec league let alone the NCAA. I have had fiery coaches in sports that get in their players. But not like this. I hope the link works


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How was he not fired his

How was he not fired his actions are way out of hand.

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OTL has been on a roll

Yeah...this is messed up. No coach should ever be chucking balls at players, or be physical with his players like Rice is. Also, there's a big difference between tough love, and being a verbally abusive prick. He has clearly crossed that line. I also am amazed that he hasn't been fired. But I imagine the AD will have to reconsider given the attention this is getting now.

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I may be the only one, but I seriously think the AD should be fired also

i'm jus so offended
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And people thought Bobby

And people thought Bobby Knight was bad...

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If he was my coach and acted like that on me, I would have beat the shit out of him, how did he not get smacked by those kids?

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Lol there is always a tough

Lol there is always a tough guy like you when these types of videos come up. You wouldn't do a thing. Kicked out of college, done for assault, sounds like a smart decision.

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I'm going to go out on a limb

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume these players have great respect for their coach, because I don't know, if this had been me in this situation; I would be swinging at my coach or would've reported him by now. Calling them "fairies", chucking balls at them, shoving them, grabbing them. Actually earlier this year, one of my teammates had a confrontation with my coach because my coach had shoved him and said some insults referring to my teammate's father, and my teammate resorted in attempting to fight the coach until he had been restricted and calmed down by the rest of us. Not only does he (Mike Rice) go over board with the discipline but they also LOSE a handful amount of games, so it's not like this behavior is exactly working. If the Idaho Vandals head coach can be fired and Bob Knight can be chastised tremendously, Mike Rice can be fired. Immediately.

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This guy Rice has issues. College coaches are supposed to cultivate feelings of self worth in their players not tear them down question their manhood and physically abuse them for every mistake. Seek therapy sir.

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Mike Rice is a nut case. He

Mike Rice is a nut case. He should be fired

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This kind of treatment isn't ok?

My parents used to...used to...I need some alone time right now

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Sean Woods was suspended one

Sean Woods was suspended one game and caught a lot of heat for shoving one of his players in the back. Thats nothing compared to Rice. This guy.....is a piece of work.

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one day a player is gnna beat

one day a player is gnna beat the living crap out of his coach for being like this prick mike rice

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Mike Rice was finally fired this morning

Rice has the nerve to say he's sorry. He's not sorry for what he did, he's sorry that he got caught.

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Dam!! No way would i want to

Dam!! No way would i want to play for that guy...

The president should be FIRED if he DOESNT FIRE The Atlatic Director...That A D tried to sweep it under the rug....That was pure Physical Violence and Abuse....

The players must have too much respect for some of these crazy coaches..Or dont want to feeled like troublemakers....Becuz i know alot of guys that would've had to that a swing at a coach or anyone grabbing shoveling or throwing balls at them.....

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Eric Murdock is about to get

Eric Murdock is about to get '''SERIOUSLY PAID!!!'''

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