Michigan hires Juwan Howard

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Michigan hires Juwan Howard

This is far from a surprise. Howard is definitely a recognizable name with deep connections to the program. Michigan didn’t have time to conduct a lengthy coaching search and the options were limited. They could have just promoted one of beileins assistants but this is obviously a much splashier choice. This will undoubtedly be well received by the fan base and it’s cool to see the program welcome back one of the cornerstones of the controversial fab 5 era.

However, this could also be considered a pretty risky move. Although Howard was respected as an nba assistant, he has no head coaching experience at any level. And he has some gigantic shoes to fill. Howard’s name and nba experience and connections should help him in recruiting but we have no idea what his coaching style or philosophy will be.

This is a program to is accustomed to challenging for big ten titles and final 4 appearances on a yearly basis under beilein. Once the honeymoon phase is over, they aren’t going to tolerate much slippage under Howard. There’s also the question about how committed Howard will be to the program long-term. He has interviewed for several nba jobs recently and could just be using this as a stepping stone to the next level.

Overall thoughts on this hire? Right move or should they have looked in a different direction?

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NBA Players as college coaches

Mixed results to say the least:

Penny has the number 1 recruiting class and looks poised to be competing with the blue bloods right away.

Chris Mullin has to be considered a failure with his tenure at St. Johns.

Avery Johnson had a few rough years, and one good one with Colin Sexton.

Not sure which category Howard will end up in 5 years down the road. He has next to no recruiting time for the 2019 class, so his 2020 class will really be his first shot at recruiting. I hope he does well, but I am going to miss Beilien's offense at the college level. I loved watching his West Virginia 1-3-1 and shooters and I've enjoyed watching Michigan play the last 4-5 years. Great team defense, good shooters, a lot of ball movement ect.

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Thing is he wanted the

Thing is he wanted the coaching gig in Michigan. It would take a special opportunity for Howard to leave Miami and this was it. As far as coaching style goes, He might adapt " Heat Culture" into his system. We'll probably wait and see if Michigan made the right choice but overall I like it.

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I think he'll do fine, Penny

I think he'll do fine, Penny has a good recuriting class, heck even Jerry Stackhouse has players coming to Vanderbilt..and now you have Lebron, DWade twitting congrats to him and how close they are to him..it's easy to use them to get recurits..Pat Ewing at Georgetown had a decent class come in last year..who knows..

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