Michigan basketball?

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Michigan basketball?

I'm just curious what everyone thinks about Michigan basketball next year. They surprised a lot of people last year and I think they have final four potential depending on how new freshman point guard Darius Morris and freshman redshirt center Ben Cronin fit in with the established core of Manny Harris, Deshawn Sims, Stu Douglass, and Zach Novak. They only lost one starter (CJ Lee) and furthermore, the Big Ten is gonna be FIRE next year. Michigan State, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana will be better, Penn State

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Michigan fan here

Dude, I think they will be better but not a Final Four team. No way. They still won't have anyone established player down low to help DeShawn. I love our team next year, don't get me wrong, I just think it will be a couple years before we can start being elite again.

But you're right, the Big Ten will be killer next year. You forgot to mention Northwestern and Wisconsin. Dude from top to bottom, the Big Ten will be the best conference by far.


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