Michael Redd

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Michael Redd

Just came across some old highlights of Michael Redd. I mean he was on the Redeem Team for God’s sake. If injuries didn’t happen, could he have had any effect on where the league stands today. And also who do you find plays similar to him in the league or in the draft right now?

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Rodney Hood sure played like

Rodney Hood sure played like him in the Denver series.

On a regular basis I can't think of anyone though.

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He could flat out shoot the

He could flat out shoot the ball. A bit Rodney Hood-ish. Rich man's Hood. Lefty Mitch Richmond? Better shooting RJ Barrett?

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Ray Allen

A step under Ray Allen, or in today’s present nba roster Klay Thompson kinda mold, although Klay is better on D

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Kris Middleton

Kris Middleton

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I hated is shooting form...

I hated is shooting form... Devin Booker is a little similar but more polish...

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was one of my favorite player along with Iso Joe a few years back

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To me he is a bit like

Super rich man's Kev Martin, he lead his team to the playoffs and he scored above 50s one time, I remember him and Ray allen in those bucks years, Redd was just a rising star and then the Allen trade happened to sonics the he became the franchise player of Bucks, they have similar games he and Allen, but Redd is more unorthodox because he don't have the athleticism of allen and jump shooting technique of allen, instead he have a set shot and I compared it to kev martin not because of the release (they have completely ay too different release) but because of the unorthodox jumpshots and still have a greaty consistency and accuracy on their shots. It was more like a sling shot that redd had, it was unblockable because the ball was almost on the back of his head when he releases it. To me Redd is like harden with his ability to score but lacks harden's ball skills and athleticism. Redd is a scoring machine can hit different shots in the perimeter much like harden but that's the only similarity I see between them. Harden is a much much better at everythiung (IDK about defense though) but they are both not that good at defense.

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Michael Redd was always a

Michael Redd was always a class act and a very good shooter. I was surprised to remember that he only ever made one All Star game given he had a number of very good seasons in the mid 2000's. A couple of those years he missed a lot of games but in 2005/06 for example he averaged 25.4ppg and played 80 games but didn't get all star or say 3rd All NBA team nods.

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