Michael Redd

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Michael Redd

Tommorrow will probably be Michael Redd's last game as a buck. You have to respect a guy who was drafted 43rd overall in 2000, to spend his entire 11 year career with one team.

Some of his accomplishment are

  • All-NBA Third Team: 2004
  • NBA All-Star: 2004
  • Holds NBA record for most three-point field goals made in one quarter with 8 in the fourth quarter (February 20, 2002 vs. Houston Rockets).
  • 5th on Milwaukee Bucks all-time points list, 5th in Milwaukee Bucks all-time scoring avg.
  • Won the 1998, 1999, and 2000 Ohio State Most Valuable Player awards.
  • Won the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 Milwaukee Bucks Most Valuable Player award.
  • Was 1999–00 All-Big Ten First Team in college.
  • Scored a playoff career-high of 40 points against the Detroit Pistons on April 29, 2006.[11]
  • Named to the USA Olympic basketball team.
  • Gold medal with Team USA, 2007 FIBA Americas Championship
  • Gold medal with Team USA, 2008 Summer Olympic Games
  • 2nd place for the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award, 2003.[12]
  • Scored a career-high and Milwaukee Bucks franchise record 57 points against the Utah Jazz on November 11, 2006.[13]
  • 3rd player behind Gilbert Arenas and Kobe Bryant to have two 50 point games in 2006–2007 season with 57 against the Utah Jazz and 52 points against the Chicago Bulls

So my question is which team will Redd play with the remaining years of his career, now that it is unlikely the bucks resign him? and also will he get back to form next season?

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Michael Redd

I grew up in the Milwaukee area and have never been a huge Redd fan due to his complete LACK of defense...BTW he never really shot all that well from the floor he was just the only one shooting. I personally feel there is no chance he can contribute any more than a designed play for a three on a competitive team at this point of his career. It is really dissapointing though because i wish i could have seen how good he could have been before all of his knee troubles

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Hear Hear my man

I'd like to see him with a title contender, or at least a perennial playoff team (obviously in need of shooters). Teams that come to mind include Boston (they really miss that Eddie House type gunner off the bench), and the Knicks (they need as much floor spacers as they can for Melo/ Amare).

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I remember Michael Redd very

I remember Michael Redd very well as a prospect at Ohio St. He was a projected lottery pick after his sophomore year, but ended up making a mistake by going back for his junior year and didn't put up the same type of season as his previous two, and ended up in the 2nd Round. I guess it wasn't a mistake because he became a very good NBA guard, but he was at one point a lottery prospect.

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@MilwaukeeBucksfan Between

@MilwaukeeBucksfan Between 04-07(probably considered his prime) he shot .441.45 and .465 he was never below top 12 in SG FG% and a lot of the guys above him weren't actually shooters like he was, they took it to the rim for higher percentage shots he actually had the elusive mid range game that is getting harder to find in SG's. In the same seasons guys who are considered great shooters like Ray Allen shot .428, .454 and .438. So claiming he wasn't a good shooter and is not fair.

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I like the Knicks idea but I

I like the Knicks idea but I feel like he might go to Cleveland or Orlando. Cleveland because they need someone that can do something with the ball and create their own shot, and Orlando because gotta know they will never have a shortage of shooters with Dwight Howard around.

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