Michael Porter jr is playing this afternoon

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Michael Porter jr is playing this afternoon

Not sure how many minutes they are planning on playing him, but I am excited to see this prospect play.. This draftclass is stacked

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Gr8 news! Very Excited to see Porter play ball!

Porter is an absolute Stud!

Great size, quickness, athleticism, can shoot from outside - just a fantastic NBA prospect

a LOT of talent in this Draft - I'm very excited for teams like Atlanta, Sacramento, Chicago, Phoenix, Orlando, Dallas, Memphis

I feel awful for Brooklyn Nets fans - NBA fans are practically held hostage if they have a bad owners or band management. Imagine if Billy King is not practically forced to make that terrible trade - today the Nets have a core Jaylan Brown, Markelle Fultz & would be in a position to land one of these Top 5 studs: Ayton, Porter, Bagley, Donic, Jackson, Young (no particular order)

Think how differently we'd feel about the Nets if they had Fultz & Brown at the PG & SF and then added a Michael Porter at PF w/ the #4 pick or DeAndre Ayton or Marvin Bagley or Doncic w/ the #2 pick. - they would have a really exciting young core.

But really happy Porter is able to get back on the court - this kid is a Perfect fit for the modern NBA - he's a guy a team can plug in as a 5/C in a small ball line up for 4/PF who can space the floor if a team like Memphis, who has a Stud Center, where to land Porter.

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I disagree about him having

I disagree about him having great quickness. In fact, I think his lack of quickness with the ball in his hands combined with his lack of dynamic handle (as well as his stiff hips and upright stance defensively) makes me think he's a long-term PF. He's got a decent hang dribble game, but it's only good for creating jumpshots, not for getting past his man on the perimeter. Against PFs, maybe he'd look quicker off the bounce, but I think he'll look a lot like Harrison Barnes trying to beat SFs off the dribble in iso situations. I think he'll be a fantastic shooter, so he'll be able to attack closeouts well, but I see him struggling to beat perimeter players off the dribble in iso.

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Settled too much today, but

Settled too much today, but the athleticism will take a while to come back. He had few shots where the defender was ready ti jump if he pump faked it. Oh well. Good to see him back, and good to see him really get after it on defense in the fitst half.

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I think Porter cost himself a

I think Porter cost himself a couple draft spots by playing in this game. I hope everyone is right about his speed returning. I am not trying to knock the kid but he plays more like 33/34old Carmelo Anthony than Kevin Durant.

I find it interesting that Porter and Bagley were fighting to be the top recruits. Neither of these two will enter the league with a set position and I believe both will have to figure out how to effect the game on the defensive end to become Superstars.

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not impressed but not

not impressed but not disappointed neither.. even though yesterday he was basically catching and throwing bricks, it's nice to see that at 6'10 he can shoot with relative ease and with a high release, but he better find more ways to create and score if not he might not develope like everyone expects.

if draft day was today he would not be in my top5 , but there's still some weeks left until that day so things can change quickly..

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