Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Are Jerry Colangelo and the rest of the USA Basketball executives already calling MKG a bust ? Or did he just somehow not get invited to the USA Mini-Camp with all the young rising NBA Stars? I know it is way too early to say who will be the best out of all of last year's rookies but in my opinion, he was the number one guy who they left off the list who should have been invited. I know he did struggle last year as a rookie as he had a number of 4-6 point games when he played over 30 minutes and he has a terrible outside shot for a 6'7 SF but he's only 19 and he was the youngest player in the NBA last year. MKG just has a super explosive ability to attack the basket and he was nearly unstoppable whenever he'd get the ball on a fast break. Very underrated on defense as well. I understand how he did not make 1st Team All Rookies but those are not very important as those players' careers go on, in 2011 Landry Fields made 1st team over Paul George, where are they now? He was my favorite college player the year UK won it all and he does have the potential to be the best player from the 2012 Draft Class later on his career if he could just improve his outside jumper.

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Don't think they are calling

Don't think they are calling him a bust, but there is alot of other talent out there that had better years. He doesn't fit well with the international game. Didn't really prove his self in his rookie year.

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Seriously? They can't invite everyone in the world

Some great players never make the Olympic team, either. It's not the end of the world. He's probably better served being in Charlotte working with his new coach and teammates anyways.

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Something tells me in two

Something tells me in two years from now anyone whos calling him a bust now will look like a complete idiot!

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He's nothing special, not a

He's nothing special, not a bust, but nothing special.

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Kawai Leonard

Really improved his jumpshot since getting to the league. If I'm Team USA and I want a 6'6-6'8 wing defensive stud (like Iggy used to do for them) then I take him over MKG every time.

Now, to point out the obvious, if MKG ever fixes his jump shot then all bets are off and he is right back into the mix.

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look at the players that play

look at the players that play his position that are already invited, and theres your answer.

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I don't get it either. It

I don't get it either. It seems like most people are writing him off as a bust. When all is said and done, I think he will be a top-3 player from this draft.

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He is not a bust, he clearly

He is not a bust, he clearly had a good rookie season but he has to learn to shoot and he will. Being left out this time with 19 years and looking at the roster for the minicamp and all the guys waiting to be called upon like Lebron and Durant I would call it very reasonable and not any more.

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Players like MKG get looked

Players like MKG get looked over in the accolades department, especially on a bad team where his intangibles go unnoticed. MKG fills the holes of the team, once he plays with an established offensive team his contributions will be highlighted more.

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MKG had a solid first season

MKG had a solid first season in Charlotte and with Coach K and Jerry Colangelo looking at a few younger players then some guys will miss out and MKG is one of these. We could never claim to know anywhere near as much about the sport as K and Colangelo so we have to respect their decisions.

I don't see it being anything against MKG, the likes of George and Leonard are well ahead of him in terms of NBA experience and contributions and with team taking a look at Hayward and Parsons, it has meant that MKG has missed out.

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yeah a bust

if you cant dominate summer league your wack

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Kidd-Gilchrist was the youngest player in the NBA so I don't expect much from him for a couple of years, but he's got the work ethic and smarts so he'll become good if not great!

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You had me until you said he

You had me until you said he has the potential to be the best player from last years draft class. Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond were also 19 year old rookies last season...

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I don't think he's going to

I don't think he's going to be anything special. Rumours of the hitch in his jump-shot were not exaggerated, I'm just not sure he'll ever get rid of it now that it's so ingrained. I've never seen a wing get blocked on as many jump-shots as I have with MKG - that delay in getting it up is the biggest factor hindering his development, not how accurate it is.

Also MKG doesn't have a super-explosive ability to attack the basket at all. He can't create his own shot that well, most of his buckets came off broken plays or being in the right spot at the right time (which is a skills in its own right, but doesn't constitute an ability to attack the basket).

If you want someone with an explosive ability to attack the basket then look no further than Harrison Barnes, who was deservedly invited to the camp.

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he's just on such a terrible

he's just on such a terrible team, that team cannot score points at all, they shouldve taken barnes or somebody else imo. MKG is gonna be a nice player his jumper i bad tho, very bad, if he can just develop some sort of mid range game (which i think he can) he's golden on the right team, Hes a very good defender and only gonna get alot better, he's gonna be one of those few guys who can defend almost any position except the 5 and some 4s (like David West). He plays really hard i think hes one of those guys that really really wants it. in the end i think he will be a very contributing role player who does alot of the little things to help his team win, things coaches and teammates see, things that don't show up on the box score

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Its been there and reported so many times. I cant believe he still has it. The coaches must discuss this sort of thing so maybe he cant change iit . I dont know it just so strange to be so good and have this one glaring flaw that doesnt improve.

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