The Melo Saga....

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The Melo Saga....

So as most people probably know the Melo experiment in OKC maybe drawing to a close...

OKC letting Melo talk to teams either signals two things:

They have potential trades lined up with any of these teams:Not saying these trades have been reported just the teams and possible player options that could work if both sides choose to progress.

Rockets: I could see an Eric gordon and Ryan Anderson for Melo,Abrine,Singler(all who I believe expire at the end of this season). The reasons both sides do this deal:

Rockets need a small forward/pf Melo fits the bill for that,Abrines gives Dantoni more shooters and this move will give the rockets significant cap in 2019...This also means Morey can go big name hunting in 2019 if this experiment fails.

OKC does this move to a) 2 get E.G who either is a major uprgrade to our bench as a 6th man or as a starter until roberson is back to 100% or B) Make it be a lower cap hit if Ryan Anderson is kept or Stretched...Resulting in a lower tax bill.


Dion waiters and one of either Kelly O or James johnson(most likely Kelly O for Tax reasons). for Melo straight swap.. Miami does this to get off some of the average deals Pat did in 2016/2017...

We do this either to have a lower tax bill while either moving some of our other players-Pat patterson,Singler,Abrines or stretching/moving one of the two acquired players and keeping the other..It also doesn't hurt Donovan knows how to use Waiters who could either start or be our super sub to lift our bench scoring up...

A Wild card team that will give us something reasonable but promise to buy Melo out straight away for some form of Compensation also being included either in a pick/pick swap or a young player-Terrance F for example. See Dwight from hornets to Nets recently as example..


Melo will let OKC have a lot cheaper buyout than intially expected if he gets a major role from the team he wants to go and a reasonable salary(5+ mill my guess).

What legit options do people think the Thunder have with Melo do they trade him,Stretch him or even the wild card keep him?

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I don’t think they can afford

I don’t think they can afford to or would be willing to take on any additional salary and I doubt they’d get back anything of value for melo in a trade. They most likely will just buy him out and let him go where he wants.

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I agree, they don't want to

I agree, they don't want to take on additional salary..if they do they'll have the largest luxury tax bill in NBA history..doesn't make sense for a small market team that's competeting for the middle of the west.

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Flipped em

We don’t want dion back. Off topic but I hope Andre Roberson is working on his shot he’s pretty young and he’s already one of the best defensive players...back in 16-17 he shot 24% on 2.3 attempt per game. He should start by increasing his same efficiency on that same number right out of the gate be confident they’re wide open corner shots mostly. if healthy if he can do that I could see him at 32-33 % on 3.1 attempts .. we kinda need something like that from him at this point .. I don’t think he’s got bad mechanics..but he hesitates a lot..

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OKC wouldn't take back two

OKC wouldn't take back two years of Ryan Anderson's deal as even doing a 5 year stretch on that would cost them more than a 3 year stretch on Melo's deal.

I don't see other teams taking on a Melo salary dump unless serious assets were attached, OKC would not want to give up picks if they could stretch his deal out and waive him. Plus Melo has to sign off trade or agree buyout. He might be more amenable to agreeing a buy out with OKC too.

One idea might be Melo's representatives let it be known what his buyout would be and if it was a more reasonable figure then a rebuilding side might take it for a protected first rounder. They stretch deal and OKC give up first rounder but save a lot on buy out and luxury tax. The receiving team gets a future pick, Melo is then a FA so everyone wins.

A lot depends on what sort of buyout Melo would accept. I still think he'd look for $20 million and say he is giving up nearly $8 million so he is being reasonable. OKC may be looking for something about $15 million max.

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Actually, Tax isn’t the worry

OKC has been preparing to pay a hefty tax for quite some time. We’re ready to when they were trying to sign Al Horford 2-3 seasons ago before KD left. That would have been an expensive team of Russ, Roberson, KD, Horford, and Adams. This is after trading for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova, and drafting Domas.

Are they trying to pay $300Mil, NO. But they aren’t worried about taking on money. They aren’t really looking for EQUAL value in the sense of a Star. They are looking to trade Melo’s contract for floor spacing, seeing as how they tried to sign Tyreke and Hezonja his off season.

They will trade Melo to a team with a lesser (but bad for the trading team) contract

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Trading Melo is almost

Trading Melo is almost impossible because of his not trade clause (is tied to the contract, not the team) first of all. I don’t see any trades beside the Lakers or Rockets he would accept. Then there is the financial aspect mainly for the Thunder. The Thunder would need to swallow something really bad if they manage to ship out Melos 27 million or have to attach draft picks they don’t really have. It would cost them around 100 million to just keep Melo and for sure this won’t happen. There is no real trade market and if the Thunder would trade Anderson for Melo for example, the Thunder would have to pay an insane amount of tax for the next year also and probably also won’t happen.

The most realistic scenario is the stretch one. Saves them 100 million this year and the next two stretch year of about 9 million per year is really a bad thing but still better then keeping him.

Maybe a three team deal like Thunder/Rockets/Sixers or Thunder/Lakers/Hawks is a possibility but like I said is unlikely for several reasons.

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The stretch provision is good

The stretch provision is good for teams in the short term but adds "dead money" in later years. Case in point, Detroit. Detroit could only go after minimum contract guys or part of the MLE because they were up against the luxury tax. Why? Because they are paying Josh Smith $5mil a year to play in China until 2020...

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I'd think they'd reach out to

I'd think they'd reach out to the Hawks, Bulls and Kings. They could take back all or most of the salary, with the Thunder sending a pick or two. That clears the salary completely, rather than stretching it over years.

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But would he agree to go to

But would he agree to go to any of those teams?

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It's strange that no trade

It's strange that no trade clauses are still valid after a player with one is traded, I'd think certainly if they requested to be traded from team that gave them the clause then it become invalid.

I agree with Celtics1982, teams have to reach a minimum salary level so those well under cap are as well filling this up via salary dumps and getting an asset or two. But with new NBA financial year only just started, lottery teams may prefer to retain space to use later in the year.

If Brooklyn Nets had space I wonder if Melo would have considered playing for them as it's near his beloved location of New York.

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