Melo for Harden

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Melo for Harden

Chris Broussard said earlier today that he can see a Melo for Harden swap. In my opinion its great for both teams...Harden becomes the go to triangle guy, Melo goes to a championship contender. But why would the Rockets do it? Melo and dwight in my opinion is a way more dynamic one two punch then harden and dwight.

1) would a melo and dwight combo lure lebron james?

2) if not lebron, wouldnt rondo be a perfect fit? easier to get and honestly a perfect fit. A Rondo, Melo, Dwight Big 3 could be veryy dangerous and is better then any i see out there

Yes the Rockets would have to make a few moves to get this done, however, it is very doable and works.


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