The Media hates Austin Rivers

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The Media hates Austin Rivers

Why does the media hate Austin Rivers so much? I literally seen clips or Michelle Beatle, Shaq, and so many more laughing at him like he's not a NBA player. It like seriously bothers me how wrong they are about him at this point. Especailly when they will turn around and praise someone like Malcolm Brogdon who puts up similar numbers.

Even before the 15 PPG this year, when he was just an average backup PG putting up 9 points in 22 minutes (as a 23 year old) people treat him like he the worst player in NBA history. The groupthink is insane.

Now he's doing averaging 15 PPG @ 25 and at this pace could be an all star in a few years (if he goes to the East) but you still hear this "Austin Rivers is only in the NBA because of his dad" rhetoric being thrown around

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