Measuring Greatness, LeBron and the Greatest Team of All-Time

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Measuring Greatness, LeBron and the Greatest Team of All-Time

How is greatness measured? Winning always seems to matter first, but how do we measure individual greatness against that of team greatness. Most wouldnt argue if we say that LeBron James is the greatest player of this generation. Most people wouldnt argue if we say that the Warriors are the greatest team of this generation. We like to compare him to Michael and they to the Bulls.

As much as we compare LeBron to Mike most people don't seem to think the current Cavs teams or the previous Heat teams would be his Bulls in a 7 game series. Some people also say Jordan wouldnt be able to beat this Warriors team. I don't think thats really the proper way to look at the individual argument.

I've found a new way of thinking for myself that is a simple as take LeBron and put him on the 96 Bulls and swap Jordan on to this current Cavs team. Would the results be any different? This makes the rings argument a little strange to think about. They are both wings but still positionally this could potentially effect lineups but still this would be any easy way to settle the whole Oh well Lebron never had a Scottie Pippen argument or Jordan never faced a team like the Warriors.

Now looking at team greatness, is it anywhere near possible to say that any team in basketball history could beat this Warriors team? I don't think how their roster was built in adding KD was unfair at all however, taking pay cuts to chase rings wasn't really a factored decision when the salary cap was created. It was created to make competitive balance so a team with huge spending potential wouldnt just sign all the best players. It's pretty easy to say the Warriors have four Max players, and wouldn't be able to do much with that kind of a payroll.I can't even remember a team that employed the second, possible third, and two top 15 players on one roster. When theyre focused they seem unbeatable. I still hear arguments against them that Russell's Celtics have more rings and Jordans' Bulls but this dynasty is just getting started it seems like.

I hate to beat a dead horse with both of these topics but do you guys think that LeBron would have one more rings with the Bulls? Or would Michael have maybe won more in his position? Or is there just no getting past this Warriors team who honestly might be the greatest team ever assembled?

A final follow up question is what should other teams around the league even do, honestly as a Sixers fan I don't even think we should go for LeBron because I don't think even with him we stand a chance and that we should just wait it out because I don't think the Warriors will slow down for 3 or 4 more years and LeBron possibly may be declining at that point which could potentially really set a young team like this back.

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