McLemore vs. KCP: Better shooting mechanics?

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McLemore vs. KCP: Better shooting mechanics?

Who do you think has better shootings mechanics between McLemore or Kentavious Caldwell Pope? It's like deciding between Beal's and Ross's mechanics, which are similar respectively.
I like KCPs stroke better, where he relies on a little more on soft touch as opposed to more pure mechanics like McLemore.... I think it shows more potential for shooting off the dribble.
Both shooting mechanics are best in class imo.
*Please. don't answer McLemore is you havent seen KCPs

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Mclemore vs. KCP

I think both guys have damn near flawless mechanics. I can't say which one would be better. Both get almost perfect alignment, release, and rotation. It would be nice if KCP actually had some help. His supporting cast has to be the worst of any star/semi-star in NCAA.

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im not just agreeing with the

im not just agreeing with the underdog but il take KCP as a shooter all a complete player give me mclemore

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